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BIOS Color Attribute is a 8 bit value where the low 4 bits represent the character color and the high 4 bits represent the background color. For example, to print a white character 'A' with black background, the "BIOS Color Attribute" would be set to the hexadecimal value 0x0F. Under certain conditions, setting the highest bit of the background color may cause the text to blink instead of making the background color intensified.

List of BIOS color attributes[edit]

Hex Binary Color
0 0000 Black  
1 0001 Blue
2 0010 Green
3 0011 Cyan
4 0100 Red
5 0101 Magenta
6 0110 Brown
7 0111 Light Gray
8 1000 Dark Gray
9 1001 Light Blue
A 1010 Light Green
B 1011 Light Cyan
C 1100 Light Red
D 1101 Light Magenta
E 1110 Yellow
F 1111 White

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