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BJ Kang is an American Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent known for high-profile investigations of securities fraud.

After having occupied a prominent place in both the perp walk of Raj Rajaratnam and Bernie Madoff, Reuters called him "may be the most feared man on Wall Street."[1]

Raj Rajaratnam[edit]

Kang was the lead investigator in the insider trading case against Raj Rajaratnam.[2] During pre-trial hearings, lawyers for Rajaratnam scrutinized Kang for applying for a wiretap on Rajaratnam without mentioning a SEC civil investigation that had taken place.

In a Newsweek interview Rajaratnam says that when he was arrested Kang taunted him by declaring: “Take a good look at your son. You’re not going to see him for a long time. Your wife doesn’t seem so upset. Because she’s going to spend all your money.”[3]