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BK Crown Jewels
Nutritional value per serving
Serving size 1 sandwich
(312 g to 344 g)
Energy 2,936 kJ (702 kcal)
- Sugars 16 g to 19 g
Fat 24 g to 36 g
Protein 34 g to 38 g
Sodium 1500 mg to 1917 mg
Energy range 2799 kJ to 3073 kJ
Average energy value reported.
Based on NZ dietary guidelines.
Source: BK New Zealand (html)

BK Crown Jewels line was a line of chicken sandwiches and hamburgers sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain Burger King in the New Zealand Market. They were larger, adult oriented products made with higher quality ingredients than their "standard" menu items.[1]

The line was part of a series of sandwiches designed to expand Burger King's menu with both more sophisticated, adult oriented fare and present a larger, meatier product that appeals to adult males ages 18–34.[2] Along with the TenderCrisp, TenderGrill and Angus sandwiches, these products are intended to bring in a larger, more affluent adult audience who will be willing to spend more on the better quality products.[3]

Product variants[edit]

All of the BK Crown Jewels sandwiches are served on a Kaiser roll; the beef based sandwiches use a Whopper patty and the chicken ones use a TenderCrisp or TenderGrill fillet.[4]

  • Burgers
    • Hell Raiser - The Hell Raiser has bacon, relish, aioli, avocado (guacamole), lettuce, tomato and onions.
    • Blazing Saddle - The Blazing Saddle features bacon, relish, aioli, a Cajun spiced sauce, lettuce, tomato and onions.
    • Sweet Ride - The Sweet Ride sandwich is made with a Whopper patty, bacon, aioli, a mango-lime sauce, avocado (guacamole), lettuce, tomato and onions.
  • Chicken
    • Blast Off - The Blast Off Crown Jewel sandwich has a TenderCrisp fillet and shares the same toppings as the Hell Raiser minus the aioli.
    • Cracker Jack - The Cracker Jack Crown Jewel sandwich has a TenderCrisp fillet and features the same toppings as the Blazing Saddle minus the aioli.
    • Mango Jammin - The Mango Jammin sandwich has a TenderGrill fillet and is made the same toppings as the Sweet Ride minus the aioli.


The BK Crown Jewels line was developed by the Burger King franchisee in New Zealand, Tasman Pacific Foods, abbreviated TPF. The sandwiches were introduced in the summer of 2005 as part of Burger King's global program to introduce more adult oriented fare to its menu. The products themselves were variations on the existing Whopper, TenderCrisp and TenderGrill sandwiches and featured more exotic ingredients such as mango lime salsa, avocado and garlic aioli.[1]

Within two months of their introduction, sales at New Zealand restaurants increase by approximately 10%, and drew the attention of Burger King Holdings. BKH observed the sales trends and market acceptance of the products for several months after the introduction for the possible purpose of extending the concept in other markets. While the concept was tailored for the New Zealand market, TPF executives stated that it would be easy to adapt the concept to other regions.[1] Some restaurant industry observers agreed with the TPF assessment of the products and separately stated other sauces and ingredients could be used to crate variations in the US and other markets.[5]


The advertising program for these sandwiches featured the slogan Flash, but not too flash which was an inference stating while they cost more than the standard burger offerings at BK, they were not as much as one would expect to pay at a higher end outlet.[1] The products were introduced in a series of three pairs of commercials in both 15 and 30 second formats. The commercials featured animals such as snails or frogs that are used as exotic cuisine in various regions of the world. As the narrator announces BK is looking for new and more complex ingredients for their new line of sandwiches, the animals are shown reacting in a fearful way believing they are the new ingredients. At the end, the narrator declares one of the new flavors and the animal is relieved to find out they are not food, then they are promptly dispatched by the new food item (i.e. the frog is hit with a mango).[6]

Naming and trademarks[edit]

Burger King currently does not have any trademarks on the Crown Jewels line of sandwiches in New Zealand.

See also[edit]

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