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BTEQ is a utility for working with Teradata databases, allowing users to query, import and export data, and produce reports. BTEQ stands for Basic TEradata Query.


BTEQ is designed for use with database products from Teradata. It is included in the Teradata Utility Pack. BTEQ provides an interactive or batch interface that allows a user to submit SQL statements, import and export data, and generate reports. BTEQ provides report-formatting options where queried data is formatted and returned to the screen, file, or printer.

Scripts are sent from the client to the Teradata database where the actual process occurs. BTEQ can also be used to import and export data between client and database tables.

The document for the latest BTEQ version can be downloaded from the Teradata info site.[1]



BTEQ is an abbreviation of Basic TEradata Query. It is a general-purpose, command-based program that allows users on a workstation to communicate with one or more Teradata RDBMS systems, and to format reports for both print and screen output. Using BTEQ a user submits SQL queries to the Teradata RDBMS. BTEQ formats the results and returns them to the screen, a file, or to a designated printer. The BTEQ can be either be used in batch mode or interactive mode.

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