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BTG Pactual Participations. LTD.
Type Sociedade Anônima
Traded as BM&F BovespaBBTG11
Industry Financial services
Founded 1983
Services Investment banking
Asset management
Wealth management
Revenue Increase BR$ 8.9 billion (2013)
Net income Increase BR$ 2.64 billion (2013)
Total assets Increase BR$ 205.0  billion (2013)

BTG Pactual is a Brazilian multinational investment banking firm that engages in Latin-American investment banking, wealth management and global asset management. The firm is listed in the São Paulo Stock Exchange and Amsterdam Stock Exchange and it is the largest independent investment banking in emerging markets.

Its clients are large companies as well as local, state and federal governments. BTG Pactul offers financial services such as advice on mergers and acquisitions, public and private offerings, loans and financing, foreign exchange, economic analysis and investment funds. Headquartered in São Paulo, it has branches in 11 Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia, and offices in 19 world financial centers like New York, London, Geneva, Moscow, Shanghai and Singapore.

Controlled by a company of 156 executives, the investment bank has a market capitalization of BR$ 28 billion, net worth of BR$ 18 billion and total assets of BR$ 205 billion.

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