BYD Distributed Energy Storage System

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BYD DESS [1] stands for BYD Distributed Energy Storage System, a new energy power solution provided by BYD, which can be used grid interactive and stand alone. It is an integrated ultra-fast AC transfer switch guarantees that even sensitive back-up loads, like computers, never know when a utility outage occurs. The bi-directional inverter is expected to provide high quality true sine waveform power for the load. And the working mode of the DESS [2][3] can be selected and adjusted to meet different requirements.


  • On grid and off grid application available;
  • Excellent (as alleged)power management function, providing unattended power supply solution;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Functioning as UPS to guarantee uninterrupted power supply to the users;
  • High security, stability and reliability.


  • Communication base station;
  • Residential application;
  • Small commercial or industrial area;
  • Areas with electricity price difference between peak period and off peak period, abundant sunshine, unreliable grid or government incentives, etc.