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Baalath (ba'-a-lath ba'alath) ("a rejoicing; our proud lord") was a town of the tribe of Dan which was fortified by Solomon.


Strong's Concordance Baalath [1] 01191 // tleb // Ba`alath // bah-al-awth' // a modification of 01172  ; n pr loc AV - Baalath 3; 3 Baalath = "mistress" 1) a town in Dan. [2] Baalath (From International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) ba'-a-lath ba'alath; A, Baalon):between Shikkeron (Ekron) and Jabnoel unless, as seems probable, the suggestion of Charles Simon Clermont-Ganneau (Rev. Crit, 1897, 902) is correct that for har ( = "mount"), we should read nahar ("river"). In this case the border in question would be the Nahr rubin. Here there is an annual feast held—attended by all classes and famous all over Syria—which appears to be a real survival of "Baal worship." (1) A town on the border of Dan. (Joshua 19:44) associated with Eltekeh and Gibbethon—possibly Bela'in. (2) ("Mistress-ship"): A store city of Solomon, mentioned with Beth-horon (I Kings 9:18; II Chronicles 8:6) and possibly the same as (1).

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