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This article is about a film director. For the terrorism suspect, see Babar Ahmad.

Babar Ahmed is a Pakistan-born film director and writer whose movies include Amka and The Three Golden Rules, Royal Kill and Genius.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Ahmed is a graduate of University College London and King's College, where he studied economics. Pursuing a filmmaking "hobby," he took classes at the New York Film Academy, NYU, and NTFS.[2]

He is based in Washington D.C., where he works as a filmmaker for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.[3]

He is Muslim.[4]


Ahmed's first film, Genius, appeared in film festivals in 2003 and was released straight to video.

His second film, Royal Kill, was released in 2009. The film received poor reviews,[5] but featured performances by Eric Roberts and Pat Morita and received a limited release in AMC Theatres and distribution by Lionsgate.[2]

His 2014 film Amka and the Three Golden Rules was shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival and the Arizona International Film Festival, where it received a special award for "bridging cultures."[3][6] It has received positive reviews for the performance of its young lead actor and Mongolian cinematography.[7][8]

Ahmed has also made films for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank on topics such as global aging and urban development.[2][9]


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