Babar and the Adventures of Badou

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Babar and the Adventures of Badou
Babar Badou Logo.jpg
Title card.
Directed by Mike Fallows
Voices of Isabel de Carteret
Catherine Disher
Dawn Greenhalgh
Dallas Jokic
Noah Lehman
Tyler Stevenson
Samantha Weinstein
Christopher Wigins
Ben Campbell
Les Carlson
Laura de Carter
Sergio Di Zio
Jayne Eastwood
Molly Johnson
Dan Lett
Scott McCord
Jeff Pustil
Samantha Reynolds
Lyon Smith
Adrian Truss
Gord Pinsent
Drew Adkins
Theme music composer Steve D'Angelo
Terry Tompkins
Composer(s) Jeff Danna
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 65 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Corinne Kouper
Guillaume Hellouin
Doug Murphy
Colin Bohm
Clifford Ross
Producer(s) Jane Sobol
Running time Approximately
24 Minutes
(12 minutes x2)
Production company(s) The Clifford Ross Company
Playhouse Disney France
Carrere Group
YTV Productions
Nelvana Limited
Distributor Nelvana Enterprises
Original channel YTV (Canada)
TF1 and Disney Junior (France)
Picture format 16:9
Original release November 22, 2010 – present
Preceded by Babar (TV series) (1989–1991, 2000)
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Babar and the Adventures of Badou is a Canadian/French 3D animated children's TV series that premiered in 2010 based on the characters created by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff. The series has created new characters to the Babar universe, including Badou, who is Babar's 8-year-old grandson and the central character of the series.[1] The series is co-produced by Nelvana and TeamTO in association with The Clifford Ross Company, TF1, YTV, and LuxAnimation.

The English version of the twenty-six episode series first premiered on September 6, 2010 in Australia on ABC2 and in Canada on YTV on Monday, November 22, 2010. Vice President and Managing Director of Jumbo Pictures, and Nelvana Enterprises, Colin Bohm explained "Nelvana is excited to bring Babar into the 21st century with a new 3D TV series as well as a comprehensive licensing program from TF1".[2] On September 16, 2010, Nelvana Enterprises has confirmed that the series will premiere in the U.S. on Disney Junior.[3] The show premiered on February 14, 2011, along with the premiere of the television block.

Although the series features a majority of new characters to the Babar universe, original characters remain though, such as Babar, Celeste and Lord Rataxes, with other original characters also involved.

Babar and the Adventures of Badou was renewed for a second season. However, the series has yet to return to YTV sometime in the future. The second season began airing on Disney Junior on March 25, 2013. A third season is also in production as well.


The series follows the adventures of Babar's eight-year-old grandson Badou, who along with his friends and family, solves numerous mysteries, puzzles and situations in Celestville. The city now features other animals besides elephants.[4][5]


New Characters[edit]

  • Badou: An elephant, who is prince of Celesteville. Badou ("Bou" to his friends) is bursting with a sense of adventure. He has inherited his grandfather's daring spirit, plunging into any situation with boundless confidence that he can handle whatever it can throw at him. He idolises his grandfather, and feels the need to prove himself worthy of his legendary status. (Voiced by Dallas Jokic and Drew Adkins)
  • Chiku: A monkey who's like her father, Zephir. Chiku means canary in Swahili. Chiku is widely inquisitive and easily distracted. A fast-talking chatterbox who can ask a dozen questions at once, she is convinced that there is something wonderful under every rock, at the end of every wire, and at the heart of every lesson. She is quite inventive, often building toys or tools for the others to use. She is an accomplished dancer due to her natural acrobatic skills and sense of balance. (Voiced by Samantha Weinstein)
  • Munroe: A courageous crested porcupine who has been eaten many times, but, due to his spiky body, has always been spit out again. Munroe considers himself Badou's personal champion: a spike-laced Lancelot. Despite being quite chubby he is very athletic. (Voiced by Tyler Stevenson)
  • Zawadi: A zebra who, like the rest of her kind, sees the world in black and white; right and wrong. Outspoken and sometimes bossy, Zawadi hates blending in with the herd and is determined to make her own stripe on the world. Zawadi means gift in Swahili. (Voiced by Isabel deCarteret)
  • Jake: A scruffy, five-year-old jackal or fox pup. Jake was orphaned as a wild kit and found his way to Celesteville, where he befriended Badou. Cornelius is his legal guardian. (Voiced by Noah Lehman and Gage Munroe)
  • Miss Strich: An ostrich, she serves as a teacher, the palace guide for tourists, and also organizes most of Celesteville's events. She is very flighty and excitable, with Badou and his friends' merry-making usually making her even more so. (Voiced by Catherine Disher)
  • Crocodylus: A crocodile, who is the ambassador of the Alligator and Crocodile kingdom. A consummate schemer, his underhanded strategies range from trying to take over Celesteville to winning contests. When things go wrong, he groans "Muck and mire!" (Voiced by Ben Campbell)
  • Dilash: A young crocodile, Dilash is the nephew of Crocodylus, he, along with his cousin, causes trouble and tries to interfere with Badou and his friends' adventures. He lives in Celestville along with Tersh, in order to make his uncle Crocodylus seem more respectable.
  • Tersh: A younger crocodile who's Dilash's cousin and Crocodylus' nephew, he is usually seen unwillingly helping his relations with one of their schemes. He can be mean, but is generally backing up his older cousin or his uncle as opposed to being outright malicious. He is much kinder and friendly than they are, and the other children eventually forged a friendship with him. He tends to be a bit less intelligent than the others and somewhat gullible, and his uncle and cousin often take advantage of this. (Voiced by Sergio Di Zio)
  • Sleek: A wild black leopard, who is always trying to capture devour and eat the other animals, whom she calls "tame towners". She resides in the jungle outside Celesteville and she is the main antagonist of the series.
  • Gallop: A wise old turtle, who lives just outside of Celesteville.
  • Dandy Andi: A wild lion who is the King of the nearby savanna. Andi calls "tame towners". Unlike the rest of his wild brethren, Andi is cool and friendly. He is a good friend of Badou and the gang, and will often alert them if he sees Sleek nearby.
  • Deb Mouse: A kind hearted mouse who first appeared in the episode Spy Trap that lives in the palace with her children.
  • Lulu: Badou's little cousin, who is as excitable and fun-loving as he is. She idolises her older cousin, and wants to spend most of her visits with him, to his chagrin. Visually, Lulu resembles Isabelle, Babar's youngest child, when she was a little girl, suggesting that she is her daughter.
  • Rhudi: A one rhinoceros stampede who's prince of Rhinoland and Lord Rataxes' grandson. He has a rivalry with Badou, like his grandfather had with Babar. (Voiced by Samantha Reynolds)
  • Periwinkle: Badou's mother and Pom's wife. She is the Celesteville doctor whose hobby is creating metal sculptures.
  • Prospero: A cape buffalo and a bush pirate. Officially banned from the kingdom, he still sneaks about doing bootleg activities, especially if they earn him a profit. (Voiced by Dan Chameroy).
  • Heropotamus: A hippopotamus and an archaeologist. (Voiced by Dwayne Hill).
  • Captain Darling: A crocodile sailor. Affable and likeable, she is often found at the Celesteville docks.
  • Hoot: A friendly spotted Hyena who lives in the savanna. She is the only animal around who shares Jake's taste in food (Spinkweed sandwiches with toad drool dressing) and is a rampant practical joker. She is a good sport about it, though, generally finding jokes played her just as funny as ones she plays on others.
  • Professor Rozeekeewhack: A giraffe scientist who is incredibly smart, but due to her size also happens to be very clumsy - banging her head on almost anything. (Voiced by Ellen-Ray Hennessy).
  • Ramsey, Skylar and Hannah: Three lionesses who live in the savanna. While usually wild, they did however take Jake in and raise him as a kit.
  • Rogue Lion: A rogue lion in the savanna.
  • General Huc: A monkey who is the general representing Monkeyville and happens to be Zephir's father-in-law and Chiku's grandfather.
  • Blacktrunk: A vicious elephant pirate whose dastardly crew were once outfoxed and outfought by Babar.
  • Candy Cook: TBA
  • Avery O'Dare: TBA

Original Characters[edit]

  • Babar - The king of Celesteville. (voiced by Gord Pinsent)
  • Celeste - Babar's wife and queen. (voiced by Dawn Greenhalgh)
  • Cornelius - Babar's chief advisor and Prime Minister of Celesteville. (voiced by Christopher Wigins)
  • Pom - Babar's oldest son and firstborn, as an adult became the father of Badou. Is also the city's architect and Health and safety officer. (voiced by Dan Lett)
  • Zephir - Babar's good friend and father of Chiku. (voiced by Jeff Pustil)
  • Lord Rataxes - The king of Rhinoland. Although normally shown to be commandeering, his wife can control him whenever she is upset.(Voiced by Adrian Truss)
  • Lady Rataxes - Lord Rataxes' wife. Shown as bitter, although very protective over Rhudi. The personalities of Lord and Lady Rataxes seem to be the reverse of the original series; Rataxes was boastful and mean, and Lady Rataxes was much friendlier than her husband.



Babar and the Adventures of Badou premiered on November 22, 2010 on YTV in Canada.[6] However, it was later moved to Treehouse TV.[7] The series has been sold to Disney Junior in the United States, M-net in South Africa, and ABC in Australia.[8] In the UK it was aired on Citv but now it airs on Pop.


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