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Babu Gogineni is a Hyderabad-based Indian secular humanist and rationalist who has worked in London and other places.


Gogineni has a first degree in science, postgraduate qualifications in international trade, and foreign language qualifications in French and German.[citation needed] He started his career as a Professeur at the Alliance Francaise, and for over 10 years held various positions there such as Professeur-Animateur Culturel; Professeur-Animateur, Centre de Ressources etc.[citation needed]

Humanist and rationalist activities[edit]

He was Executive Director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, a London-based International NGO with Consultative Status with the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna and with the Council of Europe, and with member organisations in 40 countries.[citation needed]

During his nine years in London as IHEU's Executive Director, Gogineni led several international human rights campaigns and initiatives which attracted global attention, including coverage on the front page of the New York Times, CNN and BBC.[citation needed] He then moved back to Hyderabad.[citation needed]

Babu Gogineni at Dr. Shaikh's Campaign

Babu Gogineni is a regular Television commentator on issues related to Science, Human Rights, Secularism and Democracy, and he has travelled to, and lectured in, 28 countries on these subjects as well as in Communications Skills and Foreign language learning. He was invited in 2001 by the UN as an Expert on Education at the UN's Madrid Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief in School Education. Babu Gogineni is a popular international lecturer and speaker—and in 1999 he delivered the prestigious Spring Lecture of the National University of Mexico in Mexico City; he was also a member of the winning team at an important Cambridge Union Society's Debate at the University of Cambridge.

Babu writes articles in English, French and Telugu which is his mother tongue. Babu Gogineni contributed an article on MN Roy, the founder of Indian Radical Humanist movement, in MS Encarta encyclopedia. He also self identifies as an enthusiastic Bright and has a small biography on the Brightsnet website.[1]

In 2003 he was one of the signers of the Humanist Manifesto.[2]

As an activist of humanist and rationalist organizations, Babu Gogineni has been associated with a number of rationalist groups (Indian as well as international) in various capacities.

  • Indian Radical Humanist Association: Joint-Secretary.
  • Indian Renaissance Institute: Trustee
  • Oslo Coalition for the Freedom of Religion and Belief: Member of International Advisory Board.
  • IHEU Committee on Universal Value: Secretary.
  • IHEU Committee on Religious Abuse of Children: Secretary.


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