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BabyFirst TV.svg
Launched December 2, 2003
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV) 16:9 Letterbox
Slogan Watch Your Baby Blossom
Language English
Broadcast area United States
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
DirecTV (United States) 293
Dish Network (United States) 823, 824
Canal+ (Europe) 39
Digiturk (Turkey) Channel 164
aora TV Satelit (Indonesia) 114
UPC Poland Channel 667
Cablevision (Mexico) 304[1]
ABNXcess (Malaysia) Channel 158
UniFi (Malaysia) Channel 551
SkyAngel (United States) 308
AT&T U-verse (U.S.) Channel 310
Streaming media
Digital media receiver Roku

BabyFirstTV is a premium satellite TV Network aimed at 6-month-old to 5-year-old children. Its investors include Cerberus Capital Management, Trinity Broadcasting Network & Sony Computer Entertainment. Guy Oranim & Sharon Rechter created BabyFirstTV in 2003.[2] The closing song "My Child, Me & Baby First TV" is sung by Michael North.


From May 2006 until January 15, 2012, DirecTV offered the channel à la carte for $4.99 per month;[3] and as of January 16, 2012 it is free to all subscribers. Until early 2011, Dish Network customers also paid $4.99 a month for the channel. In mid-January, the channel was briefly replaced with BabyTV. Following a Facebook campaign by disgruntled subscribers, BabyFirstTV was restored to Dish Network. BabyTV will remain as a pay channel, but BabyFirstTV is now available to all subscribers of Dish Network free of charge on Channel 823.[4] The channel is also available à la carte on the Roku streaming player as a premium channel.[5]

Baby First TV is additionally an associate member of the Caribbean Cable Cooperative.[6]

In Europe, the channel is available under various satellite networks such as CanalSat & Digital+. The European versions of the channel transmit programs dubbed in French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Polish, Korean & Japanese. The shows sometimes omit their titles.

In Indonesia, BabyFirst TV available on aora TV Satelit (Ch. 114) & Orange TV In Singapore, the channel is available on SingTel & mio TV. Soon, Babyfirst TV, KidsCo and Yoshimoto Azio will go off air on mio TV Service soon due to Nick Jr and Nickelodeon and CCTV9 Documentary has replaced these 3 channel on its service.

In the Maldives, it is available on TV Cabo & has nothing to do with the pre-existing "Baby TV". A DVD is available in a couple of continents, like Europe.

In Jamaica, the channel is available on The Flow cable network.

In the United Kingdom, most of the shows are redubbed with British voice actors, replacing the American English soundtrack.

Also in the United Kingdom, on the 15th of May 2010, Baby First TV went off air. It still shows in America and European countries. There is not a reason for it going off air.

BabyFirstTV has no connection with "BabyTV" or with any other older TV channels with various similar names.

But China Available On TVB Network Vision Channel 64,Taiwan CHT MOD Channel 20 and Spring TV 735


Shows on BFTV are divided into 7 zones, each identified by a color & by a learning strategy. The names & programs within’ each zone are listed below. One program entitled iHola Bebe! is dedicated to popular BabyFirstTV Programming in Spanish. As the entire schedule is designed to be viewed by toddlers & infants, a blanket TV-Y rating is applied through the entire broadcast day. A new segment BabyFirst TV FYI provides tips and information for Parents and Babies/Toddlers Along with Babies of the Week in which viewers send their photo of their babies and toddlers online to to be selected to be shown.

Thinking Journey (Yellow)[edit]

  • Puzzles
  • Bedtime Songs
  • Danny & Daddy
  • Whee Whee
  • Atencion, Atencion (Attention, Attention in English)
  • Wonder Box
  • Tillie Knock Knock
  • Scuba Dots
  • What is It?
  • What's Different?
  • Fred & Fiona
  • Pixies
  • Baby Maze
  • Magic Tunnels
  • Bonnie Bear
  • Joey's Toy Box
  • Tinosaurs
  • Albert and Junior

Language Playground (Red)[edit]

  • Harry the Bunny
  • VocabuLARRY
  • Ready, Dress, Go!
  • Connect The Dots
  • My Pop-Up Book
  • Baby First Tales
  • Tell Me a Story
  • The Wordies
  • The Yoyo & Peanut Show!
  • Hide & Seek
  • Word of the Day
  • Sing in English
  • Kids Love Spanish

Imagination Lane (Pink)[edit]

  • Baby U Clips
  • Bloop & Loop
  • Bobby's Balloon House
  • The Bop-À-Lots
  • Clay World
  • Lil' Vinnie's Art
  • Petey Paintbrush
  • Color Crew
  • Picture Pad
  • Arty Party
  • Color Symphony's
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Mobiles
  • The Notekins
  • My Gym Clips
  • Rainbow Horse
  • Shadow Stories
  • Shushybye Baby
  • Childhood Songs
  • Swing & Sing!
  • Bonny, Banana & Mo
  • The Bop-a-lots
  • Juno Baby
  • Squeak! Songs
  • Juno Jr.
  • Little Playdates
  • Mio Mao
  • Musti (1990's animated series)
  • Musti (New CGI animated episodes in 3-D)
  • Sukey's Circle!
  • The Classic Nursery Rhymes Collection
  • Sandman
  • Sing-A-Long with Mitten the Kitten
  • MyFirstMovies musical clips

Numbers Parade (Blue)[edit]

  • Baby U Clips
  • Numbers Farm
  • Widget & His Wonder Machine
  • Numbers Around the Globe
  • Number Time
  • Shape-a-Majigs
  • Shapes & Sizes

Feelings Garden (Orange)[edit]

  • Friendly Jack
  • Play with Me
  • Tec the Tractor
  • Squeak!
  • Plons the Frog

Sensory Wonderland (Green)[edit]

  • My Gym at Home
  • Baby D.I.Y
  • Two-Tone Motion
  • Black and White
  • Peek-a-Boo, I See You!

Rainbow Dreams[edit]

  • Color Symphony
  • Pixies
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Carousel Dreams
  • Night Night Lullaby
  • Sandman
  • Scuba Dots

Note* Not all shows are available in all areas.

Former shows[edit]

  • Honk, Toot and Swo-Swoosh (reruns at 2014)
  • Hopla (reruns at 2014)
  • Sali Mali-(the Animated Series) (reruns at 2014)
  • Tik Tak (reruns at 2014)
  • Juno Baby and Juno Jr. (Returned on March 31st 2014)
  • Magic Tunnels ( rebroadcast as part of BabyFirst Favorites on SuperDuperSaturdays)


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