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Baby Doll is a 1956 film written by Tennessee Williams and directed by Elia Kazan.

Baby Doll may also refer to:

Clothes and accessories[edit]

  • Babydoll, a style of nightgown popularized by the 1956 film
  • Baby Doll, a child's toy doll representing a child, especially an infant
  • Baby Doll, a perfume made by Yves Saint Laurent

Film and television[edit]



  • Baby Doll (singer), stage name of Serbian performer Dragana Saric who represented SFR Yugoslavia at the 1991 Eurovision Contest
  • Baby Doll (wrestler), stage name of professional wrestler Nickla Roberts
  • Baby Doll, stage name of Indian model / performer Deepal Shaw
  • Baby Doll, another name for Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton