Bắc Giang

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Bắc Giang City
Thành phố Bắc Giang
BacGiang City
Bắc Giang City is located in Vietnam
Bắc Giang City
Bắc Giang City
Location of in Vietnam
Coordinates: 21°16′N 106°12′E / 21.267°N 106.200°E / 21.267; 106.200
Country  Vietnam
Province Bắc Giang
 • Total 32.21 km2 (12.44 sq mi)
 • Total 126,810

Bắc Giang (About this sound listen) is a city in Vietnam. It is the capital of Bắc Giang Province. Its name, deriving from that of the Province Sino-Vietnamese, means "north of the river." The Thương River runs through the town's southern part heading for Haiphong.

Although the name of Bắc Giang (北江 "North River") Province is very old, established in its first form in 1466, there was historically no town of that name. The town was created out the old Láng Thượng District after independence.[1] The Suối Mỡ thermal springs area is 37 km from the town centre.[2] Bac Giang Peace Park was a sister city project with Madison, Wisconsin, United States.[3][4]



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Coordinates: 21°16′N 106°12′E / 21.267°N 106.200°E / 21.267; 106.200