Bachana Chahane Haru

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Bachana Chahane Haru
Directed by Pratap Subba
Music by Shanti Thatal
Release date(s) 1982
Country India
Language Nepali

Bachana Chahane Haru (Nepali: बाँच्न चाहनेहरु) is a 1982 Nepali film directed by Pratap Subba.[1] Shanti Thatal was the music director.[2]


The film was shot in various places of Darjeeling district, India. The lyrics was penned by Norden Rumba. The hero of the movie was Kiran Thakuri.


Track Artists Length
Mo Ta Mandina Pema Lama, Bimala Cintury Pradhan
Naya Naya Gham Ko Kiran Bimala Cintury Pradhan
Harara Barara Pema Lama, Kunti Moktan, Monika Thatal, Bimala Cintury Pradhan
Bachana Chahane Manchey Pema Lama
Mitho Mitho Pema Lama, Bimala Cintury Pradhan
Timro Resam Herai Bimala Pradhan, Monika Thatal


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