Bachar ladder

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A man using a Bachar ladder

The Bachar ladder is form of rope ladder used as a training device by rock climbers to improve overall upper body strength.

Named after noted free soloist John Bachar, Bachar ladders typically consist of PVC rungs joined by webbing or cord to create an unstable structure similar to the ratlines of a sailing ship. However, unlike ascending ratlines leaning inward using one's legs for upward progress and arms for steadying, the Bachar Ladder is typically hung at an overhanging angle of 20 degrees and climbed with arms alone.

While similar in inclination and intent to a campus board, the Bachar ladder swings slightly even when tethered, requiring the climber to use more core tension to maintain stability.

One should use the Bachar Ladder with caution as it can cause or exacerbate tendinitis.[citation needed]