Bachelor Father (UK TV series)

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Bachelor Father
Genre Sitcom
Starring Ian Carmichael
Gerald Flood
Colin Gordon
Pauline Yates
Jack May
Rona Anderson
Sonia Graham
Diana King
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 22 + 2 shorts
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel BBC1
Original run 17 September 1970 – 25 December 1971

Bachelor Father is a British sitcom starring Ian Carmichael that aired for two series from 1970 to 1971. It was written by Richard Waring.


Bachelor Father is loosely based on the life of Peter Lloyd Jeffock. Jeffock was a bachelor who had fostered twelve children. He later wrote an autobiography called Only Uncle. Richard Waring, who wrote Bachelor Father, based some of the plots on incidents told in Only Uncle. Waring said that he would have kept more to Only Uncle, but many of the true stories were so far-fetched, he thought the public wouldn't believe them.[1]



Peter Lamb is a rich man who has always wanted a family, but failed to sustain any relationships. In the first episode, he decides to foster children. He then fosters a variety of diverse children


22 episodes in total were produced; because of the BBC's wiping policy of the 1970s, only one original filmed episode exists (the first one). All of the episodes of series 2 were later recovered on 16mm film prints, but 10 out of 13 episodes of series 1 is still missing from the archives.

Archival status[edit]

As of 2012, A total of only around 12 episodes remain within the BBC TV archives, (11 of the 12 remaining episodes now only exist on black-and-white, 2 of the 3 surviving episodes from the first along with all nine episodes from the second now (though made originally in colour) only exist in black-and-white, leaving the very first episode (Family Feeling) the only episode of Bachelor Father to still exist within colour.

Series One (1970)[edit]

  1. Family Feeling (17 September 70)*
  2. All In The Family (24 September 70)*
  3. First of the Many (1 October 70)
  4. The Normal Front (8 October 70)
  5. Birthday Boys (15 October 70)*
  6. The Peter Pan Syndrome (22 October 70)
  7. A Little Learning (29 October 70)
  8. A Spot of Natural Expression (5 November 70)
  9. A Man's Man About The House (12 November 70)
  10. A Kind of Love-In (19 November 70)
  11. Time To Go Home (26 November 70)
  12. Love They Neighbour (3 December 70)
  13. Feminine Company (10 December 70)

Special (1970)[edit]

Series Two (1971)[edit]

  1. Pet Ideas (16 September 71)*
  2. House Guest (23 September 71)*
  3. Partners In Crime (30 September 71)*
  4. Economy Class (7 October 71)*
  5. Not In Front Of The Children (14 October 71)*
  6. Name This Child (21 October 71)*
  7. Gently Does It (28 October 71)*
  8. Woman About The House (4 November 71)*
  9. Peter Lamb - This Is Your Anniversary (11 November 71)*

Special (1971)[edit]


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