Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine

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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Paramedicine is a four-year academic degree in the science and principles of paramedicine, granted by a tertiary education university or similarly accredited school. Though one is eligible to sit for the National Registry examination, administered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), to become a Registered Paramedic after graduating from either a two-year program with an Associate's Degree (A.A.S.; ADP) or from a highly concentrated certificate program, the BSP degree prepares Paramedics for roles as EMS leaders, system directors, and community/industrial health and safety positions. Paramedics with a BSP are recognized to excel as teachers, researchers, and clinicians. While the BSP alone serves to well prepare the healthcare provider, it also serves as a phenomenal base for further medical training such as Medical School (MD,DO) or Physician Assistant (PA) programs.

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