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Roasted unsliced peameal back bacon

Back bacon is a traditional British cut of bacon[1] sliced to include one piece of pork loin and one piece of pork belly combined into the same cut. The name refers to the cut of meat, which is from the back, and distinguishes it from other bacon made from pork belly or other cuts. Like other bacon, back bacon can be brined, cured, boiled, or smoked. It is much leaner than American style bacon, and is sometimes sold in the US as Irish bacon or Canadian bacon, owing to the popularity of back bacon in those countries.

"Canadian bacon" sold in the US can also mean a round, sliced and usually smoked ham product sold in many parts of the US.[2]

In Canada, the term "Canadian Bacon" is not used, but in southern Ontario "Peameal Bacon", as it is referred to there, is a similar product; however it is not smoked but rather set in a brine. The name reflects the historic practice of rolling the bacon in ground dried yellow peas, although nowadays it is generally rolled in yellow cornmeal. In Canada, "bacon" commonly refers to streaky, or rasher, bacon. The American use of the term "Canadian Bacon" in reference to a ham-like slice is a source of confusion.

Cured back bacon, sliced

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