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Bad Sekta
Founded 2005
Founder Will Druett
Genre Electronic
Country of origin England
Location Halstead (2005-2006)
Colchester (2006-2010)
London (2010-)
Berlin (2011-)
Official website

Bad Sekta is an independent English record label founded in Halstead in 2005, with a mission statement to release new music and video by underground & experimental electronic music artists.

Bad Sekta showcases experimental electronic music from genres that have grown and developed out of the free party scene. Fusing elements of Drum’n’Bass, Techno, Hardcore and Industrial, as well as a hefty dose of experimentation; non-commercial styles of music have been able to flourish in the free party environment and Bad Sekta aims to bring some of these artists to the ear of those who’d normally pass them by.

- Jessica Bateman, IP 1 Magazine (2007)

Founded by Will Druett (Phuq) (heavily assisted by British audiovisual artist Shortfacedbear), since 2007 Bad Sekta has been operated in partnership with Tom Whiston (formerly recording as Machinochrist), and has released music by a variety of artists.

It’s a real pleasure to do something with so many different talented people & in our small way create something good that showcases some really overlooked talent in the UK electronic scene. I could diverge into a rant here about how Last Boss is the great undiscovered breakcore Ubermensch or the genius of the Hekate sound etc. but to be honest listening to them will do more to convince you of that than my words.

- Tom Whiston, interviewed by Connexion Bizarre (2010)

The first release for the label (catalogue number BAD001) was a compilation CD, Various Autists 2, in a limited edition of 400, financed by a small inheritance received by Phuq.

I started the label in late 2005 (our “official” birthday is November 23rd), with a £1000 inheritance I received from a family friend. Mainly I wanted to expose people to some of my friends who were (cliché alert) producing some wicked & interesting tracks that were not really being heard by as many listeners as they deserved to be. This “core” of acts originally included various incarnations of myself (Phuq), Dave Stitch, DJ Ultimate Kevin, Fzv, Knaebot, Lastboss, Shortfacedbear, Zeropointenergy & others.

- Will Druett, interviewed by Connexion Bizarre (2010)

Distributed mainly for free via free parties & club nights, some were sold or given away with orders of later releases. This release was followed by a series of limited edition CDs and DVDs (generally in editions of 123).

Since their inception, Bad Sekta has had a close relationship with London-based internet radio stations Ill FM and Pitchless Radio. Artists from the Bad Sekta roster regularly make appearances on the shows and, completing the circuit, members of the Ill FM and Pitchless crews have come to release music via the label.

Bad Sekta have received regular airplay globally on radio stations such as the Decibel Breach show on Resonance FM and KSER FM in the USA. Bad Sekta's output is often prominently featured on the monthly Pitchless Radio show, due to label boss Phuq's involvement with the show, whose production team also includes other Bad Sekta artists FZV and Anxt!

Over the last few years the label has been concentrating on expanding its catalogue by releasing a multitude of handmade 8 cm CD and free MP3 albums, compilations & EPs, with an emphasis on putting out new music & broadening its output to include genres such as dubstep, noise and techno. Most of these releases come out on either the 13th or 23rd day of the month.

In 2010 the label moved to London, establishing the "Bad Sekta HQ" & announcing several new projects utilising different formats (e.g. a limited edition cassette designed to showcase degradation).

In Spring 2013 the label announced that its forthcoming 50th release would be its first 12" EP, entitled "BADvinyl001".



  • Elfkore - A free, MP3 only netlabel (now defunct).

Other projects[edit]

  • Twenty-Third - Named in reference to the 23 Enigma, a publishing wing of Bad Sekta was started in 2009, specialising in small-run editions of esoteric & underground zines & books. In 2011 Twenty Third was renamed Fear Control, under which name it continues to publish projects.


EPs / Albums[edit]

  • Phuq - K Muzak (Volume 1) (BADltd002, 2006)
  • Lastboss - Nishizono Shinji (BADltd003, 2006)
  • Cleggfu - Teeth (BADltd004, 2006)
  • Phuq - Ill Fm K Liveset Bizness (BADltd006, 2006)
  • Intonamori - Ear Weevils 1 (BADmpfree002, 2006)
  • Cleggfu - Horses Hit (BADltd005, 2007)
  • Phuq - Aaaargh! (BADmpfree003, 2007)
  • Lastboss - Xin Who? (BADltd007, 2007)
  • Phuq - Conspiracykore (BADmpfree005, 2009)
  • Dave Stitch - Rave New World (BADmpfree007, 2009)
  • Phuq - The Sh*t Out of Your Mum (BADmin001, 2009)
  • Phuq - Asphyxiation (BADmin003, 2009)
  • Usedtobecool - The Independent Fallacy (BADmpfree008, 2009)
  • Phuq - More Missed Worlds (BADmin005, 2009)
  • Wave Chaser - Philosophic Moments (BADmpfree009, 2009)
  • Phuq - The Sh*t Out of Your Mum (BADmpfree010, 2009)
  • Phuq - Asphyxiation (BADmpfree011, 2009)
  • Phuq - More Missed Worlds (BADmpfree012, 2010)
  • Wave Chaser - Midnight Butterfly (BADmpfree013, 2010)
  • Dave Stitch - I Think Therefore I Can (BADmpfree015, 2010)
  • Ronin - Repeat Offender EP (BADmpfree016, 2011)
  • Lastboss - (zhi) (BADmpfree017, 2011)
  • The Abominable Mr Tinkler presents: F-lithium - Ether Way You Lose (BADmpfree018, 2011)
  • Lastboss - (yami) (BADmpfree019, 2011)
  • Ascetic - Holy Mountain (BADmpfree020, 2011)
  • Voltergeist - Burnt & Buried (BADmpfree021, 2011)
  • Blackmass Plastics - The Innocent Bystander EP (BADmpfree022, 2011)
  • Lastboss - Xin who? (BADmin006, 2012)
  • Knaebot - Secondary Addax (BADmin007, 2012)
  • Junglismonk - Zona Fasciculata (BADmpfree024, 2012)
  • Scrubber Fox - Geek Pie (BADmpfree025, 2012)
  • Lastboss - Neighbour 13 (BADmpfree026, 2012)
  • Intonamori - Ear Weevils 2 (BADmpfree027, 2012)
  • FZV - Antic.Decay (BADmpfree028, 2012)

[1] [1]


  • Various - Various Autists 2 (BAD001, 2005)
  • Various - MPFree #1 (BADmpfree001, 2006)
  • Various - Memetrix (BADltd008, 2007)
  • Various - We Are Legion (BADmpfree004, 2008)
  • Various - Community (BADmpfree006, 2009)
  • Various - Bad Sekta Sampler 2009 (BADmin002, 2009)
  • Various - 5 Years (BADmpfree014, 2010)
  • Various - Against All Odd (BADmpfree023, 2011)




Notable artists from past and present[edit]

  • Acid Burp
  • Anxt!
  • Ascetic
  • Blackmass Plastics
  • Bleak Reference
  • Bunglegushcore
  • Cleggfu
  • Coco Lantano
  • Dan Hekate
  • Danger Ross
  • Dixie Scumbag
  • DJ Jiggy Biggles
  • DJ Maxi-hool(maximum hooliganism)
  • DJ Richard Hillman
  • DJ Ultimate Kevin
  • DJ Wrongspeed
  • Dyspraxia
  • Fzv
  • Hamspanner
  • Hekula
  • Hue Jah Fink?
  • Igorrr
  • Intonamori
  • Junglismonk
  • Kesaraporn Duangsawan
  • Knaebot
  • Kovert
  • K'tulu
  • Lastboss
  • Machinochrist
  • Mall Killer
  • MDK
  • Phuq
  • Queynte
  • Randomoidz
  • Ronin
  • Scrubber Fox
  • Shortfacedbear
  • Sot
  • Spitting Vitriol
  • Stitch
  • T'M'N
  • The Fez!
  • Tryptomatik
  • Usedtobecool
  • Voltergeist
  • Wavechaser
  • weyheyhey !!
  • Wombcorps
  • Yeth Thar
  • Zeropointenergy

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