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Badger is an unincorporated community located in Tulare County in California. It has a population of 140. The zip code is 93603 and the area code 559.

It is in the Cutler-Orosi Unified School District; High-school-aged students who live in Badger must ride a bus for about 23 miles (37 km) to attend school. They must also travel down for food and supplies to the nearest city, which is Visalia. A grocery store had attempted business in Badger, but failed due to people's lack of interest in changing their routine. A local Hare Krishna group is also known to run their own school in Badger, called New Braja Village School. A Hare Krishna festival is held there every year, in May or June, celebrating the visit of a spiritual guru, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja. Badger has recently experienced a lot of growth. There is a Subud spiritual group in Badger; its Seven Circles Retreat Center hosts a variety of youth, family and spiritual programs.

Badger Creek, a mixed-use community is developing housing and business space for those who wish to live and work in a rural environment.


In the state legislature Badger is located in the 18th Senate District, represented by Republican Roy Ashburn, and in the 23rd Assembly District, represented by Republican Jim Patterson.[1]

In the United States House of Representatives, Badger is in California's 23rd congressional district, represented by Republican Kevin McCarthy[2]

Popular culture[edit]

Badger was featured in an early 1970s McDonald's commercial in which a Visalia McDonald's served the entire population of the town for $13.[3]

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Coordinates: 36°37′53″N 119°00′47″W / 36.631389°N 119.013056°W / 36.631389; -119.013056