Badlands Observatory

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Badlands Observatory
Organization Black Hills Astronomical Society
Code 918  
Location Quinn, South Dakota, United States
Coordinates 43°59′27″N 102°7′50″W / 43.99083°N 102.13056°W / 43.99083; -102.13056Coordinates: 43°59′27″N 102°7′50″W / 43.99083°N 102.13056°W / 43.99083; -102.13056
unnamed 26-inch reflector

Badlands Observatory (IAU code 918) is an astronomical observatory named after the South Dakota Badlands. It is located in Quinn, South Dakota near the city of Wall, USA. The observatory is run with support from the Black Hills Astronomical Society and was founded by Ron Dyvig from the Kitt Peak Observatory in 2000.

Asteroids discovered: 3
(51772) 2001 MJ June 16, 2001
(63528) 2001 PX13 August 13, 2001
(82361) 2001 MV6 June 23, 2001

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