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Badun is an electronic, experimental jazz group from Denmark. Badun was formed in Århus in 2003. The group consists of Oliver Duckert & Aske Krammer. The band has performed at Roskilde Festival, Fusion Festival, Norbergfestival, Elektronisk Jazzjuice and Bimhuis. Badun has released on Schematic & Not Applicable.



  • badun (Rump / Flyrec, 2007)
  • Last Night Sleep (Mindwaves Music / Merry X-mas Records, 2009)
  • s.o.t.s (Schematic / John Sparking, 2012)
  • Shadow Case (Not Applicable 2013)


  • Tandoori Tentacle (Cactus Island Recordings / Merry X-mas Records, 2009)
  • Flensburg split EP with Icarus (Not Applicable, 2011)

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