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Baek Dong Soo (백동수) (1743–1816) was a swordsman and martial artist who became a folk hero when his group protected King Jeongjo from assassination attempts. Commissioned by King Jeongjo (r. 1740–1810) in 1790, the Muyedobotongji (or Muye Tobo Tong Ji, translating to "Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts") expanded on the eighteen weapons systems identified in the Muyeshinbo of 1758 was written by Yi Deokmu (이덕무, 1741–1793), Pak Je-ga (박제가, 1750–1805) and Baek Dong-soo (백동수, 1743–1816), and published in four volumes in 1795. His life is the basis for the Korean comic book Warrior Baek Dong-soo by written by Lee Jae-hoon and art by Baek Dong Soo which was turned into a television series.


  • Grandfather: Baek Shi-ryung
  • Father: Baek Sa-Geong
  • Mother: Park Dong-hee
  • Father in Law: Kim Gwang Taek
  • Mother in Law:Ji
  • Wife: Hwang Jin-ju
  • Son: Baek Yoo-Jin

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