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Bafilo is located in Togo
Location in Togo
Coordinates: 9°21′N 1°16′E / 9.350°N 1.267°E / 9.350; 1.267
Country Flag of Togo.svg Togo
Region Kara Region
Population (2006)
 • Total 23,085

Bafilo is a city in Togo south of Kara, in Kara Region. It is known for its large mosque, wagassi cheese, its weaving industry and the nearby Bafilo Falls.


World War I[edit]

During World War I, a skirmish took place in Bafilo between French and German troops in on 13 August 1914. French forces first crossed the border between French Dahomey and German Togoland on 8 or 9 of August 1914. French units in northeastern Togoland came into contact with German ones on 13 August in the districts of Sansane-Mangu and Skode-Balfilo. After some light fighting, the French company retreated after facing resistance stronger than they had expected.[1]

Although this was technically a victory for German forces, it did little to stall the Allied advance and by the end of August the colony was surrendered to the Allies.


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Coordinates: 9°21′N 1°16′E / 9.350°N 1.267°E / 9.350; 1.267