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Baggage Battles is an American docu-reality, produced by The Travel Channel from 2012.


The program is related to lost baggage auctions, and police auctions, in which participants Laurence and Sally Martin, Mark Meyer and Billy Leroy, buy items to resell; often, they call experts to evaluate the objects they have bought.[1] The format draws on that of similar shows like Storage Wars.[2]


There are three seasons of this reality show that follows auction specialists that travel the world looking for bargains.[3] Season 4 is set to premiere April 23rd at 10pm on Travel Channel. Locations Range from Las Vegas, Toronto, South Africa, Commerce Georgia.

Critical reaction[edit]

AV Club found it derivative of Storage Wars, but more positively said that the travel angle did add some local color and occasionally it did surprise with what the participants found.[4]

International distribution[edit]


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