Khan al Baghdadi

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This article is about Baghdadi, Iraq. For Baghdadi, a neighborhood of Karachi, Pakistan, see Baghdadi (Karachi).
Khan al Baghdadi
Khan al Baghdadi is located in Iraq
Khan al Baghdadi
Khan al Baghdadi
Coordinates: 33°51′9″N 42°32′51″E / 33.85250°N 42.54750°E / 33.85250; 42.54750
Country  Iraq
Province Al-Anbar

Khan al Baghdadi or Al Baghdadi is an Iraqi city on the Euphrates River in Al-Anbar province (Hīt District).

It is the closest village to the U.S. Military's Al Asad Airbase, (formerly known as Qadisiyah Airbase when it was operated by the Iraqi Air Force). It was the site of a major battle with ISIL in February of 2015.

Coordinates: 33°51′N 42°33′E / 33.850°N 42.550°E / 33.850; 42.550