Baghochi Mahaz

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Baghochi Mahaz ("front of the Kalabagh people") was a populist movement formed in Kalabagh, Pakistan, in the period following the independence of Pakistan in 1947. The term Baghochi ("people of the garden") refers to the traditional residents of the area. The town of Kalabagh was in that period an estate owned by the Nawab of Kalabagh, but under the control of the Government of Pakistan. It was not a princely state, but instead was a jagir.

Following Independence in 1947, the town remained under the oppressive feudal rule of the Nawab. Following the death of Nawab Malik Amir Muhammad Khan, his sons ruled even more cruelly, and the youth of Kalabagh formed Baghochi Mahaz[when?] to resist feudal rule. Among its members were Qazi Amir Abdullah, Yousaf Khan, Hafiz Qasim, Mushtaq Paracha, and Ch[clarification needed] Malik. Three persons were kidnapped during the struggle. Finally on July 5, 1977 Kalabagh became independent[clarification needed] from feudal rule.