Bagindo Azizchan

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Bagindo Azizchan
Bagindo Azizchan.jpg
2nd List of mayors of Padang
In office
1946 – 1947 (died on a war)
Preceded by Abubakar Jaar
Succeeded by Said Rais
Personal details
Religion Sunni Islam

Bagindo Azizchan (30 September 1910 – 19 July 1947), is the Mayor of Padang second after independence, which was inaugurated on August 15, 1946 replacing Mr. Abubakar Jaar.[1] He died at the age of 36 years after being involved in a battle against the Netherlands. His body was interred at the Heroes Cemetery "Bahagia", Bukittinggi. Title of National Hero of Indonesia had pinned him to the 9 November 2005. He is now regarded as a National Hero of Indonesia.[2]


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