Bagrat I of Imereti

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Bagrat I the Little (Bagrat Mtsire, ბაგრატ I მცირე in Georgian) (died 1372), from the Bagrationi dynasty, was king of western Georgia (also known as the Kingdom of Imereti) from 1329 until 1330.

He was underage when he ascended to the throne upon the death of his father King Michael in 1329. However, he was deposed a year later, when King George V of Georgia subjugated Imereti and besieged Bagrat’s supporters in Kutaisi Fortress. Bagrat surrendered, and was given the saeristavo (duchy) of Shorapani in compensation.

He married a daughter of Prince Kvarkvare Jaqeli, Atabag of Samtskhe in 1358. They were the parents of


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Preceded by
King of Imereti
Succeeded by
Alexander I