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For other uses, see Bagrationovsky (disambiguation).
Moscow Metro station

Bagrat 02.jpg
Station statistics
Coordinates 55°44′38″N 37°29′52″E / 55.7438°N 37.4977°E / 55.7438; 37.4977Coordinates: 55°44′38″N 37°29′52″E / 55.7438°N 37.4977°E / 55.7438; 37.4977
Line(s) !B9986137056388  4  Filyovskaya Line
Structure type Ground-level, open
Levels 1
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Parking No
Other information
Opened 13 October 1961
Station code 061
Owned by Moskovsky Metropoliten
Preceding station   Moscow Metro   Following station
toward  Kuntsevskaya
Filyovskaya Line
Bagrationovskaya is located in Moscow Ring Road
Moscow map MKAD metro line.svg

Bagrationovskaya (Russian: Багратионовская) is a Moscow Metro station, located on the surface portion of the Filyovskaya Line. Designed by Robert Pogrebnoy and Cheremin and opened in 1961 as part of the western extension of the Filyovsky radius, the station unlike the other three coming from the centre, features a more functional design innovation.

The station is located at the Metro line's intersection with Barklaya Street, which crosses the platform on an overpass. Entrance vestibules are located on the upper level, above the platform. Canopies (supported by white marble pillars) and the road overpass provide some shelter to waiting passengers, but constant exposure to the elements has left the station in a state of disrepair. A project that involves renovating and enclosing the station is currently under way.

Today the station is one of the busiest, due to the proximity of the Gorbushka shopping centre.

It is named after Prince and General Pyotr Bagration.

Station wall under the overpass.

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