Bahía Blanca and North Western Railway

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The Bahía Blanca and North Western Railway (BB&NW) was a British-owned railway company that operated in Argentina, where it was known as the Ferrocarril Bahia Blanca al Noroeste.

The company was registered in May 1889 and assumed concessions for lines from the port of Bahía Blanca in the south of Buenos Aires Province to Río Cuarto, located on the Ferrocarril Andino, and Villa Mercedes on the Buenos Aires and Pacific Railway, via General Acha, La Verde, Toay and Victorica. The plan was for this route to form the basis of a regional broad gauge, 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm), network complete with branch lines eastwards towards the radial trunk routes spreading out from the federal capital, and feeder lines westwards.

In 1925 the company was taken over by the Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway.


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