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Bahal (also, Bāhl) is a small town in Haryana,it is situated near Rajgarh on Haryana-Rajasthan border. It falls under Bhiwani district and Loharu tehsil.

It serves the nearby villages as the nearest marketplace and education hub. Jhuppa is another town 21 KM from Bahal which leads to Hissar.
22 KM from Bahal is Rajgarh/Sadulpur(Rajasthan). Pilani is half an hour drive from Bahal, and Bhiwani is 1 hour drive.

Distance from Major Cities in North India
1. Delhi: 160 KM
2. Jaipur: 270 KM

Places of Interest[edit]

Important shops/marketplaces:
Brij Mohan Chodhary General Store, Kedia sweets, BRCM market, Anaj Mandi, Pilani road shops.

Bahal has got 5 petrol pumps.

The Electricity division's office is located near Rajgarh Road in Bahal.

It is a very beautiful place... has lots of temple, in particular Khatu Shyam, Devi Mandir, and Balaji Mandir.

Bahal has a new police station on Rajgarh Road which also serves nearby villages.


Nearest Railway Stations:
1. Rajgarh/Sadulpur(Rajasthan): 21KM
2. Loharu: 45KM
3. Bhiwani: 56KM

Nearest Airport:
1. Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport)
2. Jaipur (Jaipur International Airport)

Direct Bus Service from Bahal to: Jaipur, New Delhi, Pilani, Tosham, Hissar, Rajgarh, Loharu, Rohtak.

Road to Jhuppa leads through Patwan, Garwa, Mitthi, Morka and Matani.

Key pit stops on the way to Bhiwani: Obra, Kairu and Lohani.


Bahal has got lot of schools, BRCM Public School (Gyankunj), BRCM Public School (Vidhyagram), Govt Sr. Sec. School, are some of them.
There are two colleges in the town, BRCM CET (Engineering College) and GDC Memorial College (Degree College).


Coordinates: 28°37′42″N 75°37′07″E / 28.62833°N 75.61861°E / 28.62833; 75.61861