Bahrain–Pakistan relations

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Pakistan-Bahrain relations
Map indicating locations of Pakistan and Bahrain



Bahrain–Pakistan relations are extremely strong and cordial.[1] Bahrain maintains an embassy in Islamabad and a Consulate-General in Karachi, whilst Pakistan maintains an embassy in Manama. Both countries are members of the OIC and of the G 77.[2]

After the British left, Pakistan originally called for the territory to be merged into with the Trucial States of the United Arab Emirates, with which it had recognized in the same year despite this however diplomatic relations between Bahrain and Pakistan were established in 1971.[3][4][5]

State visits[edit]

In 2005, Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz visited Bahrain and met with Muhammad bin Isa Al Khalifa.[6] Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa during his visit to Pakistan termed Pakistan as his second home and further stated that Pakistan was the country which is held in the highest esteem by the leadership and the people of Bahrain.[2]

Kashmir conflict[edit]

On 12th June 2014 Bahraini politicians during a meeting with the Kashmir delegation at the United Nations in Geneva has pledged to raise the Kashmir issue inside the Bahraini parliament. The people in the Gulf States support the Kashmiri struggle for the right of self-determination, as guaranteed by UN resolutions. “We support the negotiation for the resolution of longstanding Kashmir dispute and any resolution acceptable to the Kashmiris can bring sustainable lasting peace to South Asia.


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