Bahsita Mosque

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Bahsita Mosque
جامع بحسيتا
Bahsita Mosque is located in Aleppo
Bahsita Mosque
Location within Aleppo
Basic information
Location Syria Aleppo, Syria
Geographic coordinates 36°12′14″N 37°09′14″E / 36.2039°N 37.1538°E / 36.2039; 37.1538Coordinates: 36°12′14″N 37°09′14″E / 36.2039°N 37.1538°E / 36.2039; 37.1538
Affiliation Islam
Region Levant
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Mamluk
Completed 1350
Dome(s) 1
Minaret(s) 1
Materials Stone

Bahsita Mosque (Arabic: جامع بحسيتا‎), also known as Sita Mosque, is one of the historical mosques in Aleppo, Syria, dating back to the Mamluk period. It is located in al-Aqaba district of the Ancient City of Aleppo, near the Bab al-Faraj Clock Tower and the National Library of Aleppo. It was built in 1350. According to the Aleppine historian Sheikh Kamel al-Ghazzi, the name of the mosque is derived from the Syriac name of the neighbourhood Bet Hasiota (Arabic: بيت حسيوتا‎) or Bet Hasda (Arabic: بيت حسدا‎), meaning the house of purity.[1]

In 1911, the octagonal minaret of the mosque was moved to the eastern side of the building to allow enough space to widen the nearby street.[2]