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A statue of Bai Renfu in Zhengding

Bai Renfu or Bo Renfu (Chinese: 白仁甫; pinyin: Bái Rénfǔ; Wade–Giles: Pai Jenfu or Po Jen-p'u, c. 1226—1306), also known as Bai Pu or Bo Pu (Chinese: 白朴; pinyin: Bái Pǔ; Wade–Giles: Po P'u) (the transliteration of Bai also appears as Bo or Po) is a renowned Chinese playwright of the Yuan Dynasty.

He wrote 16 plays, three of which are extant:

  • Over the Wall (裴少俊牆頭馬上 Péi Shǎo Jùn Qiáng Tóu Mǎ Shàng)
  • Rain on the Paulownia Tree (唐明皇秋夜梧桐雨 Táng Míng Huáng Qiū Yè Wú Tóng Yǔ)
  • Romance of the East Wall (董秀英花月東牆記 Dǒng Xiù Yīng Huā Yuè Dōng Qiáng Jì)

He also wrote a play about Emperor Xuanzong and Lady Yang Guifei:


A scion of an important Jin Dynasty family, Bo Renfu's grandfather held a post at the important and powerful Bureau of Military Affairs and his father and Yuan Haowen were close friends.[1] However, the defeat of the Jin Dynasty by the Mongol Empire resulted in a major upheaval in social relationships. Nevertheless, Bo Renfu achieved honorary rank and an official position in the Mongol-established Yuan Dynasty as Minister in Charge of the Bureau of Protocol.[2]

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