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The Baikal Nature Reserve (Russian: Байка́льский запове́дник) is a nature reserve in southern Buryatia, Russia, established in 1969 for preserving the nature along the Lake Baikal and central part of the Chamar-Daban Range. The area of this nature reserve is 165,700 hectares. It hosts dark pine taiga (silver fir, cedar, spruce), thin forests, Siberian Dwarf Pine and rhododendron underbrush, subalpine meadows, and alpine tundras. The Baikal Nature Reserve is home to 812 kinds of plants, 49 types of mammals, 272 - birds, 3 - reptiles, 3 - amphibians, and 7 types of fish. The reserve is also home to brown bear, lynx, wolverine, otter, osprey, and golden eagle. The Baikal Nature Reserve is part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (also see List of biosphere reserves in the Russian Federation). The reserve is also a part of the Lake Baikal World Heritage Site. The Kabansky Nature Zakaznik (12,100 hectares) was transferred under the jurisdiction of the Baikal Nature Reserve in 1985.

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Coordinates: 51°20′36″N 105°09′27″E / 51.34333°N 105.15750°E / 51.34333; 105.15750