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Bailey Turner
Bailey Turner.JPG
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Calen Mackenzie
Duration 2013–
First appearance 7 February 2013
Introduced by Richard Jasek
Neighbours vs Zombies (2014)
Classification Current; regular
Occupation Student
Home 32 Ramsay Street

Bailey Turner is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours played by Calen Mackenzie. The actor has previously appeared in the show as Thomas McPhee in 2011. Mackenzie auditioned for the role of Bailey and a week after attending a second call back, he learned that he had been cast in the show. Mackenzie commented that getting the part of Bailey was "amazing" and he considered Neighbours his big break within the acting industry. He was initially contracted for four years. The character was created and introduced to Neighbours along with his family, as part of a major overhaul of the show's cast. He made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 7 February 2013.

Bailey is the youngest member of the Turner family. He is portrayed as inquisitive and a nerd. He enjoys applying himself academically. Mackenzie described Bailey as being the glue of the family and someone who keeps a straight head. The actor revealed that he shares some similarities with Bailey. Shortly after his arrival, it emerged that Bailey had played a part in a robbery that saw his brother, Mason (Taylor Glockner), sent to juvenile detention, something their mother knew nothing about. Mackenzie enjoyed the storyline, calling it one of his favourites. Bailey became involved in a love triangle with his best friend, Callum (Morgan Baker), and Rani Kapoor (Coco Cherian), that ended in him almost losing his life. Towards the end of 2013, Bailey found himself being manipulated by his teacher Gem Reeves (Kathryn Beck).

Creation and casting[edit]

On 4 November 2012, it was announced that the five-strong Turner family would be introduced to Neighbours in February 2013.[1] The family were created as part of a major overhaul of the show's cast.[2] Of the Turners, Kate Kendall, who plays matriarch Lauren, explained "The producers were looking to get quite a traditional family in there and hark back to some of those old traditions and family values. They're going to be a really charismatic family, but you'll also get some really juicy storylines and that's what the audiences relate to. Viewers will relate to the familiarity of them and hopefully the sense of magnetism that we bring."[2] The Turners were given an immediate link in Erinsborough through long-term resident Lou Carpenter (Tom Oliver), the father of Lauren and grandfather to Bailey and his siblings.[2]

Calen Mackenzie was cast as Bailey, the youngest member of the Turner family.[3] Mackenzie had previously appeared in Neighbours as Thomas McPhee in 2011.[4] Mackenzie went through an audition process and received a second call back, which made him start to believe that he might get the role. A week later, he learned that he had won the role of Bailey.[5] Mackenzie was initially contracted for four years.[6] When asked how he felt about joining the soap, Mackenzie said "I've done quite a few roles on new shows, but to be a part of something which has been going since before you were born and such a huge part of this collective consciousness is really amazing."[3] The actor also felt that Neighbours was his big break within the acting industry.[3] Mackenzie made his first appearance as Bailey on 7 February 2013.[7]



Bailey is the youngest child of Lauren and Matt Turner (Josef Brown).[2] Before his on-screen introduction, Kendall described Bailey as being "a brain".[2] A writer for the show's official website stated "Cheeky, left-of-centre and inquisitive, Bailey Turner is one switched on teen. A self described nerd, Bailey loves flexing his brain muscles and has a unique take on everything."[8] Bailey enjoys applying himself academically and he loves astronomy and physiology.[9] Mackenzie called Bailey "the glue" of the Turner family, explaining "If Dad or Mason can't fix it, Bailey will always try. He is the one who keeps a straight head in the family."[3] He stated that Bailey gets on well with his siblings Amber (Jenna Rosenow) and Mason (Taylor Glockner), but there is a competitive spirit amongst them and sometimes they wind each other up. Bailey loves his parents equally and always wants the best for them.[3]

Mackenzie told Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy that he does share some similarities with Bailey, which include reading comics and playing video games.[3] He added that he would like Bailey's rebellious side to come out more and for him to become less sensible as he develops.[3] Bailey befriends Callum Jones (Morgan Baker) shortly after moving into Ramsay Street.[10] Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy commented that the friendship had had "lots of ups and downs" and Mackenzie agreed, saying "It's constantly up and down. They have periods of being good friends, but then something will always go wrong - it's always a rollercoaster!"[10] Off-screen, Mackenzie became friends with Baker and admitted that they often laugh during filming, particularly if Bailey and Callum have had a falling out.[10]

Mount Isa robbery[edit]

The Turner family were introduced with the promise that they would be hiding secrets. Eldest son Mason did not arrive with the family and shortly after moving into Number 32, the house was burgled.[11] Bailey becomes "a mess" upon realising that someone entered the house.[11] Later that night, he retrieves a large amount of money and hides it in a garden gnome, before "vigilantly keeping a nervous watch over his family throughout the night."[11] When Mason eventually arrives in town, it is revealed that he has been in juvenile detention for his part in a robbery that took place in Mount Isa. Bailey reassures him that he is keeping the proceeds of the crime safe.[11] A Soap World columnist explained that Bailey has know all the details of the robbery for "some time" and is soon assuring his brother that he has been keeping the proceeds safe.[11]

When Bailey and Mason go to get the money, they find the garden gnome has disappeared. They later learn that the money is in the possession of their neighbour, Sheila Canning (Colette Mann), who eventually gives it back to them.[11] When Mason is later arrested for another armed robbery, the Turner family is thrown "into chaos" and "a heartsick" Bailey confesses that he was also involved in the Mount Isa robbery, which in turn forces Matt to admit to Lauren that he covered up for Bailey.[12] Both Bailey and Matt decide to tell the police about their involvement in the robbery and they face prosecution.[12] Mackenzie commented that he "thoroughly enjoyed" his family's storylines upon their arrival, particularly the aftermath of the Mount Isa robbery.[10]

Love triangle[edit]

Upon moving into Ramsay Street, Bailey immediately noticed Rani Kapoor (Coco Cherian) and developed a crush on her. However, he was warned off pursuing her by his friend Callum, who had wanted Rani to be his girlfriend for a while.[3] Mackenzie commented that while it was hard for Bailey to back off, as he really liked Rani, he did not want to break the code by stealing his friend's potential girlfriend.[3] Mackenzie said it was important to Bailey, but it was not easy as he could not switch his feelings for Rani off.[3] Rani becomes torn between the two boys and eventually shares a kiss with Bailey while they are rehearsing for a school play.[13] Callum is devastated when he finds out about the kiss and stops talking to Bailey, he also asks Rani to do the same. Things come to a head when Callum confronts Bailey, which results in a fight that leaves Bailey in a serious condition.[14] Baker told an Inside Soap columnist that Callum feels let down by Bailey and Rani.[14] Following Callum's ultimatum to Rani, he "tries desperately" to ignore the tension between her and Bailey. However, it gets too much for him when he sees them talking.[15] Mackenzie said "Bailey is cleaning the pool when Rani comes to see him. Callum sees them talking and assumes the worst."[15]

Callum makes "a pretty off comment" comparing Rani to her mother, who had an affair, which leds to Bailey lunging at Callum.[14] During the confrontation, Bailey and Callum begin shoving each other, which results in Bailey hitting his head, losing consciousness and falling into the pool.[15] As Bailey sinks to the bottom of the pool, Rani manages to snap Callum into action and he pulls Bailey out.[15] Local doctor Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) resuscitates Bailey.[14] Mackenzie commented that his character is in bad shape when he is rushed to hospital. Karl reveals that Bailey has inhaled enough water that could lead to secondary drowning.[15] Baker said Callum feels bad about what happened and he hoped his character would forgive Bailey in the future.[14] Mackenzie said the storyline was a challenge for him, as it was all about the emotion.[15] Bailey and Rani begin dating, but their relationship ends when Rani has to leave Erinsborough.[10] Mackenzie hoped Bailey would get another love interest in the future, as he thought Bailey was "a sweet kid", who had not had much luck. The actor said it would be good for Bailey to find a nice girl who would not mess him around.[10]

Gem Reeves[edit]

Bailey struggles following the end of his relationship with Rani, which leaves him vulnerable to manipulation by his teacher Gem Reeves (Kathryn Beck).[10] Mackenzie believed that Bailey had "all this love" and no one to give it to, which Gem uses to take advantage of him and cause Bailey to fall in love with her.[10] Mackenzie said that Gem makes Bailey believe that they could be more than just friends, saying it was not "your usual teacher/student dynamic."[10] The actor explained that the storyline was a big one for his character, saying "after being on the show for a year, this is the storyline I've tackled which has had the most substance. It's the heaviest one we've done for Bailey so far."[10] When Bailey catches Gem rigging the school captain vote, he guilts her into replacing the stolen votes. However, he is not prepared for Gem's "sinister" comeback when she propositions him into not reporting her to the principal, Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne).[16]

Continuing her manipulation of Bailey, Gem encourages his crush on her and champions his place on a school trip to China. When she is hospitalised, Gem uses Bailey's concern for her to her advantage.[16] She later tells Bailey that she is withdrawing her support for his place on the China trip, as she cannot bear to be without him for so long. Bailey then becomes "smitten" with Gem and she realises that she can use his naivety to get him to achieve her own needs.[16] Gem also starts to enjoy Bailey's attention and they develop "a firm friendship", which results in Imogen Willis (Ariel Kaplan) catching them holding hands at Lassiter's Lake.[17] Imogen reports what she saw to Susan, which causes Gem to threaten her.[17] Bailey eventually sees Gem's nasty side when the other people she has tried to manipulate turn against her. Mackenzie stated "As much as Bailey is hurt and distraught that Gem has turned on him, he still really cares about her and wants to be there for her. I think you'll see that Bailey is prepared to forgive her."[10] The actor added that Beck was great to work with during the storyline.[10]

Wanting answers for why Gem got him to hack into Kate Ramsay's (Ashleigh Brewer) email account, Bailey convinces Callum to break into her room.[18] There they find Gem's diary, which they read and discover her "darkest thoughts and secrets."[18] Despite this, Bailey decides to meet with Gem, against Callum's objections. Bailey sends Gem a text and after she agrees to meet him at the local garden nursery, he sneaks out.[18] At the same time, Matt and Lauren discover his absence and rush to find him. When they get to the nursery, Gem begins to panic and "events unravel".[18] Mackenzie commented "Gem is a loose cannon. She has a dangerous side. The more she's backed into a corner, this side comes out."[18]

Teenage alcoholism[edit]

Producers used Bailey to explore the issues of teenage alcoholism in May 2014.[19] After being bullied at school, Bailey turned to alcohol to cope with the situation.[19] Mackenzie explained that Bailey is targeted by school bully Jayden Warley (Khan Oxenham) and through their encounters, Bailey began drinking with him. Eventually Jayden pushed Bailey too far.[20] Mackenzie said Bailey was having "a tough time" and the drinking was his way of escaping everything.[19] He added "It's very dark. He hides his drinking from everyone and it spirals out of control."[19] Mackenzie was happy to receive the serious and emotional storyline for his character. He thought it was quite an unexpected thing for Bailey to do, but realised that it could happen to people who are pushed too far.[20] Mackenzie researched the issues of teenage alcoholism by speaking to friends, who had been through similar issues.[20] The actor found the scenes where he had to pretend to be drunk a challenge. He explained "When you are under the influence of alcohol, you are trying to appear normal and look not drunk, so that was a strange one - pretending to be drunk while pretending not to be drunk!"[20] As the storyline progressed, Bailey befriended Ben Fitzgerald (Felix Mallard), who showed him a new side to himself.[20]


Bailey comes to Erinsborough with his family and they move in with his grandfather, Lou. During a street barbecue, Bailey befriends Rani Kapoor and later makes friends with Callum Jones when they enter a newspaper photography competition. Callum warns Bailey away from Rani, as he does not want to compete for her affections. Someone breaks into Number 32 and that same night, Bailey hides a large sum of money in a gnome in the garden and keeps guard with a cricket bat through the night. When Mason arrives, Bailey tells him of his suspicions that Robbo Slade (Aaron Jakubenko) was behind the break in. Bailey then explains that following the warehouse robbery involving Mason and Robbo, he had found some money in the back of their mother's car and is certain Robbo has come for it. It also emerges that Bailey was caught up in the robbery when he tried to stop Mason, but their father protected him. Bailey takes Mason to the gnome, but it is gone. When Bailey and Mason learn Amber has been secretly dating Robbo, they tell her about Robbo's part in the robbery, but she refuses to believe them. Bailey sees the missing gnome in Sheila Canning's garden and he and Mason try to retrieve it. They are caught by Sheila, but they tell her the money belong to Lou and she gives it to him. Lauren is horrified when the truth about Bailey's involvement in the warehouse robbery is revealed. Bailey later decides to confess all to the police, but Mason stops him.

Bailey realises Mason took part in a robbery at Lassiter's Hotel to try and get Robbo out of town. When Mason is arrested and Robbo identified, Bailey tells the police about his part in the Mount Isa robbery. He is given a caution and later gets into a fight at school. Bailey is cast in the lead role in a school play put together by Rani. Bailey develops feelings for Rani, who is dating Callum, and they share a kiss. Rani tells Callum and he fights with Bailey. Rani reluctantly agrees to stop being friends with Bailey. When Callum catches Rani and Bailey talking, he becomes jealous and starts another fight. Callum pushes Bailey, who trips, hits his head and falls in the pool. Callum pulls Bailey out and Karl Kennedy resuscitates him. Callum repairs his friendship with Bailey and Rani, by arranging a date for them. Rani and Bailey's relationship is cut short when Rani suddenly leaves town. She returns a couple of months later and reveals that she is moving to London. Bailey decides to apply for a scholarship which would enable him to study in England, but Rani breaks up with him. A depressed Bailey allows himself to be flattered by his teacher Gem Reeves. Bailey discovers Gem is trying to rig the school captain election and threatens to report her. Gem replaces the stolen votes and continues to get close to Bailey. Imogen Willis catches Gem and Bailey holding hands and Gem sabotages Bailey's chance to go to China, by admitting she would miss him.

Gem convinces Bailey to hack into Kate Ramsay's (Ashleigh Brewer) email account and they find an unsent email to Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) that mentions their one-night stand. Gem uses the email to end her cousin, Georgia's (Saskia Hampele) engagement to Kyle and her friendship with Kate. When Bailey realises that he is culpable in Gem's revenge, he exposes her. Bailey is unhappy that Gem appears to have got away with using people and goes through her stuff, finding her diary. He contacts her and they meet at the nursery. Bailey suggests Gem talks to the police and then reveals he read her diary, making Gem angry. She then disappears and Bailey's parents turn up to take him home. Bailey helps Josie Mackay (Kate Mylius) out with an assignment and he initially misinterprets her interest in him when he thinks she has crush on Kyle. After realising that she likes him too, they begin dating. When Bailey learns that he has a half-sister that was adopted, he decides to try and find her. Bailey finds Lisa Tucker (Millie Samuels), who fits the criteria for Lauren's daughter. Lisa comes down to Erinsborough and gets on well with everyone, but it is soon confirmed that she is not Lauren's daughter. Bailey buys some earrings for Josie, but she tells him that he has tried too hard to impress her and gives them back.

When Jayden Warley (Khan Oxenham) challenges Bailey to a fight, Bailey gives him alcohol to get him to change his mind. Jayden later invites Bailey to hang out with him and Bailey gets drunk. Josie breaks up with Bailey and he continues to drink with Jayden and his friends. Josh Willis (Harley Bonner) helps Bailey to cover up the fact that he has stolen almost half of his grandfather's homemade alcoholic ginger beer, and tells him to stop drinking. Bailey falls out with Jayden and is bullied at school. He continues to drink and Callum tells Amber, who then tells Josh. He speaks to Bailey and encourages him not to give up on his dreams and to stop drinking. Jayden continues to bully Bailey, who turns to alcohol again. Paige Novak (Olympia Valance) realises Bailey has a problem with alcohol and tries to warn him off. She later sees Bailey taking some money from the till at Harold's, but does not say anything. Lauren and Matt learn about Bailey's drinking. Matt opens up about his alcoholic father and Sonya Mitchell (Eve Morey) counsels Bailey. Bailey's grandmother, Kathy (Tina Bursill), sends him a telescope and Matt tells him to find somewhere else to keep it, before they tell Lauren. Paige allows Bailey to keep the telescope at Number 24, and Bailey tells Paige about Kathy putting Lauren's daughter up for adoption. It later emerges that Paige is Lauren's daughter. In order to improve his application to space camp, Bailey sets up an astronomy club at school and meets his rival Alice Azikiwe (Vivienne Awosoga). Alice and Bailey begin competing against each other, but their rivalry develops into a romance when they kiss. Bailey decides to pull out of the interview for space camp, but Alice talks him out of it. When Alice gets into space camp, Bailey admits that he is happy for her, but also disappointed that he did not get in. They agree to muddle through the best they can.


Digital Spy's Daniel Kilkelly thought Bailey made "a confident" entrance to Neighbours.[3] TV Week writer Andrew Mercado was not impressed with Bailey's near drowning, commenting that similar stories had been done in 2011 and 2008. He added "Seriously, no-one should swim in Erinsborough unless there's a lifeguard on duty."[15] During the Gem storyline, another TV Week reporter said that "an uneasy chemistry" had developed between the pair and called Bailey a "smitten schoolboy".[21] When Bailey noticed Josie, Tony Stewart, writing for the Daily Record, quipped "Poor Bailey gets entangled in a teenage crush." Stewart observed "Bailey's bubble is shortlived and then burst when Callum insists that it's him who she really fancies and that Josie is just using poor Bailey."[22] A reporter for The Age called Bailey and Alice's romance "one of the more satisfying relationships" in the show.[23]


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