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Baisla is one of the most common clans of the Gurjars.They are also known as Bainsle, Baisla, Besle, Bansla, Bainsla and Baisle.


During 8th century, there was one ruler under Gurjar Pratihars named Vishal Dev Chauhan from Ajmer. This Vishal Dev was better known by his nickname (or simple form of his name) "Bisal dev".Descendents of Bishal Dev Chauhan were called baisle or Bainsla.[1] .They are mainly considered shy and good in various types of activities. According to another theory, Kushan King Kanishka was given the title "Baisilo" by Greeks.Baisilo means "Royal" in Greek language. Baisilo changed to Baisla gradually.[citation needed]


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