Baisha, Penghu

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Coordinates: 23°39′48.21″N 119°35′32.5″E / 23.6633917°N 119.592361°E / 23.6633917; 119.592361

Baisha Township in Penghu County

Baisha Township (Chinese: 白沙鄉; pinyin: Báishā Xiāng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Pe̍h-soa-hiong; "White sand") is a rural township in Penghu County, Taiwan. It is located at the northern part of Penghu Main Island and linked to Siyu Township by the trans-oceanic bridge, which at 2.5 km long makes it the longest of its kind in east Asia.[1]

Bird Island (鳥嶼) is the most crowded (density) island of Penghu, with 1,226 citizens sharing its small size of 0.4 km2.


The township is spread over 20 islands, including:

  • Baisha Main Island
  • Jibei Island
  • Chungtun (Zhongtun) Island
  • Yuanbei Island
  • Tiejhan (Tiezhan) Island

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Zhongtun Village
  • Jiangmei Village
  • Chengqian Village
  • Zenghai Village
  • Gangzi Village
  • Qitou Village
  • Xiaochi Village
  • Chikan Village
  • Watong Village
  • Houliao Village
  • Tongliang Village
  • Jibei Village
  • Niaoyu Village
  • Yuanbei Village
  • Dacang Village[2]

Tourist attractions[edit]

Penghu Trans-Oceanic Bridge
  • Penghu Trans-Oceanic Bridge
  • Tongliang Old Long
  • Gupo Island
  • Northern Sea Golden Sand Beach
  • Jibei Island
  • Mudou Island
  • Tiejhan(Tiezhan) Island

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