Baixo Alentejo Subregion

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Map showing the location of the Baixo Alentejo subregion

Baixo Alentejo is a NUTS3 subregion of Alentejo Region, in Portugal. It consists of 13 concelhos. It has a total area of 8,505 km² and a population of 135,105 (2001); thus 15.8 inhabitants/ km². The chief city is Beja.

It is bordered on the North by Alentejo Central Subregion, on the East by Spain, on the South by the Algarve and on the West by Alentejo Litoral Subregion.

It covers the Eastern part of the Baixo Alentejo Province.


The 13 concelhos in the subregion are:


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Coordinates: 38°01′N 7°52′W / 38.017°N 7.867°W / 38.017; -7.867