Bajo el mismo Cielo (film)

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Bajo el mismo cielo
Directed by Silvia Munt
Produced by Arrayas Producciones, In Vitro Films
Screenplay by Silvia Munt
Starring Lubna Azabal, Roger Coma, Elvira de Armiñan, Hamid Krim, Sanaa Alaoui, Daniela Costas, Candela Fernández, Aurora Sánchez
Music by José Manuel García Pelayo
Cinematography Alex Catalán
Edited by David Gallart
Release dates 2008
Running time 90'
Country Spain

Bajo el mismo cielo is a 2008 Spanish film.


A Moroccan couple who live in Spain break up. He goes back to Morocco because in Spain he can only find menial, low paid jobs. She decides to stay. Their daughter, 11, shares her teacher’s love for writing. She decides to follow her father. Her mother tries to get her back, but to do so, the teacher’s intervention is essential. In Morocco he searches for what he’s missing: Harmony, understanding and even love.


  • Festival Amal (Santigao de Compostela, 2008)