Bajo la misma piel

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Bajo la misma piel
Genre Telenovela
Created by Carlos Moreno
Starring Kate del Castillo
Juan Soler
Diana Bracho
Victor Noriega
Azela Robinson
Manuel Ojeda
Laisha Wilkins
Alejandro Tomassi .... Eugenio
Opening theme Bajo La Misma Piel by Eduardo Capetillo
Ending theme Bajo La Misma Piel by Eduardo Capetillo
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 95
Location(s) Mexico
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Original run September 23, 2003 – January 23, 2004
Preceded by Atrévete a Olvidarme
Followed by Amar Otra Vez
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Bajo la misma piel, known internationally as Under your Skin, is a Mexican television series produced by Televisa starting in 2003.[1] It is an original telenovela from Martha Carrillo and Cristina García. Despite huge exposure prior to its premiere, Bajo la misma piel was only a moderate success in its country of origin, Mexico, and was a virtual flop during its airing on Univision in the United States.


Sara's marriage to Bruno Murillo makes her life hell on earth. Bruno, a harsh fifty-year-old man who cheats on Sara and firmly believes that money can buy everything, even love. Sara represses her frustration and sacrifices her happiness in order to give her children, Miranda, Andres, and Paula, a stable home. To make matters worse for Sara, Bruno will not let her divorce him. Just when Sara has resigned herself to living without love, Joaquin, the love of her life, returns.

Although Sara's daughter Miranda is a vivacious and intelligent young woman, she has fallen in love with a man similar to Bruno. Her fiancé, Patricio, is an ambitious and hypocritical man who cheats on her with her sister Paula. While Bruno supports Miranda’s engagement because Patricio is his best friend's son, Sara fears for their daughter’s future. When she meets Alejandro, Miranda questions her feelings for Patricio because Alejandro and she share a strong attraction. Although there are countless obstacles between them, they are determined to fight for their happiness.

Regina, Sara's sister who lives with her, was once a virtuous young lady who believed in love, but her fiancé abandoned her a few days before their wedding. Nowadays Regina wants to follow just one rule: single men only. However, Regina falls in love with Eugenio, her friend's husband, and finds that she cannot control her passion. Sara's and Regina’s mother, Esther, is the only woman in the family who has experienced true love with her husband. Although she has lost her battle against cancer, Esther does not fall into depression. With vigor and optimism she continues to support her children and granddaughter, hoping to give them the strength to find and fight for true love.



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