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Bhima fighting with Bakasura color.jpg
Bakasura was beaten by Bhima
Devanagari बकासुर
Sanskrit Transliteration Bakasura
Affiliation Asura

'Bakasura, (also called baksur) (बकासुर) a great Asura who lived near the city of Ekachakra (sometimes Chakranagari), and forced the Raja of the place to send him daily a large quantity of provisions, which he devoured, and not only the provisions, but the men who carried them. Under the directions of Kunti, her son Bhima took the provisions consuming them on the way, specifically to annoy Bakasura.

Story in the Epic Mahabharatha[edit]

The Pandavas and their mother Kunti were in exile. Once while going from place to place, they reached a quiet village. There they stayed in the house of a villager. The Pandavas noticed that the people in the village were afraid of a demon who lived in a nearby forest. His name was Bakasura and had killed many people from the village. As an agreement with the demon a villager would take a cartload of food to the demon daily where both would be eaten.

Seeing this Bhima took the stead of a bait villager and went with supplies to Bakasura. When Bhima reached the forest, he found Bakasura and killed him.

It is rumored that the city of Ekachakra is a small village near the town of Rampurhat in the state of West Bengal. It is in this city that the Pandavas were staying during their exile. As per other sources, the city of Ekachakra (Ekchakra-nagari) is attributed to a contemporary village Erandol, Jalgaon district, maharashtra. Today, tourists on the outskirts of Erandol can see the fallen rice markings of that era and a nearby water pond. Nearby Padmalay Ganesh temple on the hills is also an important tourist and pilgrim destination.

Pratapgarh district in Uttar Pradesh is ancient religious site Bhayaharan Nath Dham's legends said Bakasura monster was killed in South Pratapgarh which was called as Dwaitwan"' .Here remains were found on several Pandav sculptures.After Bhima killed the demon cannibal Bakasura, a Shiva Lingam was established here, which today is well known and famed as Bhayaharan Nath Dham"' and it's the story of the Pandavas and Bakasura, the indelible marks of history.This Lord Shiva temple of the Mahabharata epic times is a magnificent venue and is very important to see, where people have come from every corner of country.


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