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For other schools of a similar name, see Baker High School.
Baker High School
8901 Airport Blvd.
Mobile, Alabama
United States
Type Public
Motto Striving for Excellence Through the Quest of Knowledge
Established 1903
Principal Clem Richardson
Faculty 140
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 2,399
Education system Mobile County Public School System
Campus Urban/Rural
Color(s) Blue & White         
Newspaper Hornet Herald
Yearbook The Hornet

Baker High School is located in the western part of Mobile, Alabama and is a public high school operated by the Mobile County Public School System. The school educates students in grades 9-12. Baker High School is the largest high school in Mobile County with over 2,300 students enrolled.


Baker School, established in 1903, was originally a one classroom school for grades 1-12. In 1927, the school became an official part of the Mobile County Public School System. This change brought new buildings to the campus. In 1930, the building to the right of the original school house would serve as the main building. The school received so much growth to the extent that a state-of-the-art building had to be built behind the historic structure. In the 1960s the school was split in two with lower and upper class levels. Also, new buildings were built with the lower elementary school absorbing the original building, and a 2-story building built for the high school. Later after the school districts were reformed, the elementary school would be renamed to Elsie Collier Elementary and moved to Snow Road. The old buildings became Causey Middle School. Causey was later moved to Snow Road, and the old Causey buildings were once again added as part of Baker High School. In early 2008, the school system decided to destroy the 107-years-old building. The old "annex" that was once Baker School, then Baker Elementary, then Causey Middle, still remains and is now the "Freshman Academy".


The current main building was built in the late 1970s to accommodate a growing West Mobile population. The building was built as a Bomb/Storm Shelter with no exterior windows in the original design. The walls are steel reinforced concrete. A concourse connects the main structure to the gym and new auditorium. The school was remodeled starting in 2001 and ending in 2004. The gym was expanded 40 yards, an auditorium was built, the main building was repainted, walls replaced, a sprinkler system added, and new doors installed with windows, the football stadium was expanded to twice the previous capacity and a new wing was added to the lower school. The school has its own Baseball Stadium, softball field, football stadium, basketball gym, track, and practice field for both football and band. The original building from 1903 was torn down in early 2008 and was listed as a historic landmark by the County of Mobile.

Student Life[edit]


Baker High School publishes a semi-monthly newsletter called the Hornet Herald. Articles can be found online at Baker's Website under the section School Publications.


As part of the Mobile County Public School System, Baker High School conforms to a uniform policy.[1] Although the website claims that students are able to wear either baby blue or white polo shirts, in 2011 the policy changed to exclude blue shirts.[citation needed]

Clubs and Organizations[edit]

Baker High School has a large selection of student clubs and organizations, including the Multicultural Club, Art Club, French Club, National Honors Society, Key Club, Harry Potter Appreciation Club, The Writer's Guild, Science Fiction/Fantasy Club and Mu Alpha Theta.[2] Baker also participates in the Model United Nations, hosted by Davidson High School.[2]

Baker's academic teams, Scholars Bowl [3] and Hi-Q Team [4], have won awards competing with other schools in the county.

The school's administration was hesitant to allow the formation of the Lumberjack Club, as it was seen as a mock organization, whose sole purpose was to make fun of other clubs or the entire club system at Baker, but it was eventually allowed when students acquired a teacher to sponsor the club.[citation needed]


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