Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union

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BFAWU logo.png
Full name Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union
Founded 1847
Members 25,000
Affiliation TUC, TUCG, ICTU, Labour Party[1]
Key people Ronnie Draper, general secretary
Office location Hertfordshire, England
Country United Kingdom

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers' Union (BFAWU) is a trade union in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1847 in Manchester, it is a trade-based union of workers in the food industry.

Soon after foundation, the union began organising nationally and became the Amalgamated Union of Operative Bakers. It gained prominence when its 1861 campaign for improvements in working conditions led to the Bakehouse Regulations Act 1863. The union gradually adopted a federal structure.

In 1964, the union was renamed the Bakers' Union, but this was later lengthened to the present name.

General Secretaries[edit]

1864: Thomas Hodson
1883: John Jenkins
1915: John William Banfield
1940: Joseph Thomasson
1952: Jock Halliday
1968: Stanley Gretton
1975: Sam Maddox
1979: Joe Marino
2010-present: Ronnie Draper[2]


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