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The Bakersfield Fire Department (BFD) is a metro fire protection agency that serves the City of Bakersfield, California. The department currently serves a population of approximately 334,000, making the City of Bakersfield the 9th largest in California.

Bakersfield FIRE Department
Agency Overview
Established 1877
Employees 183 sworn
Staffing career
Fire chief Douglas R. Greener
Facilities & Equipment
Stations 14
Engines 14
Trucks 3

BFD History[edit]

The Bakersfield Fire Department has its earliest origins back to 1868. During this time, Colonel Thomas Baker (founder of the City of Bakersfield) kept wooden buckets full of water to fight any fires that threatened the area of Bakersfield. [1]

BFD Firefighters circa 1905

In 1872-1873, after numerous conflagrations that had very costly outcomes, the citizens of Bakersfield felt that a permanent fire protection agency was needed. In 1874, the Bakersfield Fire Company was organized with a small number of Firefighters, who would often sponsor events in the area to raise money for needed fire equipment and apparatus. On May 13, 1877, the Bakersfield Fire Department was formally established. This agency has been in continual operation since that date, and currently serves the City of Bakersfield today.[1]

In the year 1890, Bakersfield acquired its first horse-drawn steamer (1890 Clapp and Jones). This steam-powered, coal-fired engine was considered to be the latest in fire fighting technology, and decreased response times to incidents in the city. In 1904, a fire at the corner of 20th and K Streets destroyed Fire Station No. 1, the only fire station in the city at the time. The fire completely destroyed the station and a newly acquired steam pumper.[1]

BFD Steam Fire Engine #2 circa 1912

In 1910, Kern City merged with Bakersfield, giving the City of Bakersfield an additional fire station, BFD Fire Station No. 2. In 1913, Bakersfield constructed two additional fire stations, BFD Fire Stations No. 3 and 4. The cost of construction per fire house was estimated at $8,000.00. In 1914, the Bakersfield Fire Department was one of the first fire agencies to be completely motorized.[1]

In 1939, the BFD Central Fire Station (Station No. 1) was constructed at 2101 H Street, at a cost of $94,000. Fire Station No. 1 is still in operation to this day at the same location, and is co-located with BFD Fire Headquarters. In 1956, the Bakersfield Fire Department was named the highest rated Class 1 Fire Department in the United States. [1]

Today, the Bakersfield Fire Department is a Class 2 Fire Department, with 14 Fire Stations located throughout the city, and three planned for construction in the future.

In June of 2014, the Insurance Services Office rated the Bakersfield Fire Department as a Class II fire agency. The department was included in the top 1.5 percent fire agencies in the United States.

Emergency Communications Center[edit]

The Bakersfield Fire Department's communications division, known as ECC (Emergency Communications Center), is located in the Whiting Communications Center in Northeast Bakersfield. ECC is a joint dispatch center for the Kern County, Bakersfield City, and California City Fire Departments. Built in 1988, ECC is responsible for dispatching resources over an area of approximately 8,100 square miles (21,000 km2) that includes 65 fire stations. ECC's approximate call volume is 82,000 calls a year and processes Emergency and Non-Emergency Fire and Medical 911 calls for the entire County of Kern.[2]

BFD Engine Company

BFD Fire Station Locations[edit]

  • Fire Station 1: 2101 H Street (Battalion 1 H.Q.)
  • Fire Station 2: 716 E 21st Street
  • Fire Station 3: 3400 Palm Avenue
  • Fire Station 4: 130 Bernard Street
  • Fire Station 5: 106 E White Lane
  • Fire Station 6: 127 MeBrundage Lane (Battalion 2 H.Q.)
  • Fire Station 7: 4030 Soranno Drive
  • Fire Station 8: 2213 University Avenue
  • Fire Station 9: 7912 Westwold Drive
  • Fire Station 10: 12100 Alfred Harrell Highway
  • Fire Station 11: 7000 Stockdale Highway
  • Fire Station 13: 4900 Poppyseed Street
  • Fire Station 14: 5815 Mountain Vista Drive
  • Fire Station 15: 1415 Buena Vista Road

BFD Fire Academy[edit]

The Bakersfield Fire Academy is located at the Olive Drive Fire Training Facility (A joint Kern County / Bakersfield City Fire facility) located in Bakersfield, CA. BFD Firefighter Trainees must successfully complete a rigorous 16 to 19 week course that includes a wide variety of training. This training includes, but is not limited to, basic firefighter theory, hazardous materials, heavy technical rescue, and physical conditioning. Upon completion of the academy, the firefighters are placed on a probationary period for six months while they test their new skills out in the field.

BFD References[edit]

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