Baksan River

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Baksan River (Kabardino-Balkaria) in July 1958

Baksan River, also known as Azau (Russian: Баксан, Азау) is a river in Kabardino-Balkaria in Russia, a right tributary of the Malka River (Terek's basin). The Baksan is 173 kilometres (107 mi) long, with a drainage basin of 6,800 square kilometres (2,600 sq mi). The Baksan originates in the glaciers of the Elbrus. The towns of Tyrnyauz and Baksan are along the Baksan River.


Coordinates: 43°43′52″N 44°03′43″E / 43.73111°N 44.06194°E / 43.73111; 44.06194