Baku National Stadium

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Baku Olympic Stadium / Baku National Stadium
Baku olympic stadium.jpg
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Owner Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan
Capacity 68,700
Surface Grass
Broke ground 6 June 2011
Opened 6 March 2015
Architect Heerim
General contractor Tekfen Construction, Turkey
Azerbaijan national football team
2015 European Games
UEFA Euro 2020

Baku National Stadium (Azerbaijani: Bakı Milli Stadionu) / Baku Olympic Stadium is a 68,000-seat stadium, designed to meet the highest international standards for stadiums set by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Construction for this 225,000-square-meter stadium on a 650,000-square-meter site was completed in February 2015. The six-story, 65.7 meter structure is located nearby Boyukshor Lake , Baku, Azerbaijan, opened on 6 March 2015.[1] The main tenant of the stadium is Azerbaijan's national football team, who moved from their current home at the Tofiq Bahramov Stadium. The stadium will serve as the main venue for the upcoming European Games in June 2015 and host the opening - closing ceremonies and athletic games for the event. The venue will also host the quarterfinals and three of the group games for EURO 2020. A green area is being developed around the stadium, which is easily accessible via public transportation.


Construction of the stadium in Baku

The stadium has a capacity of 68,000 and is based near the settlement of Boyuk Shor.[2] The project is being funded by the SOCAR. The stadium has been awarded to the Turkish company Tekfen Construction and Installation Co.,Inc. with a Design&Build contract.[3][4]

The construction of the stadium started on 6 June 2011 after President Ilham Aliyev and FIFA and UEFA presidents Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini attended the ground-breaking ceremony.[5]

Along with the stadium, there was also built a number of hotels, parking venue (total 3,617 car places), and green space (81,574 square meters).[6]

Tekfen Construction successfully completed turn-key design and construction of the project in a record time of 24 months and delivered to the client as fast-track as planned in the commencement of the Project. Completed at an accelerated pace with exceptionally concentrated work and the project was finished after accident-free 20.5 million safe man-hours, this is another great achievement for construction world within such a short period of time.

Stadium contains VVIP, VIP - CIP Suites total 127 ea with 720 spectator’s capacity, total special area of interior 25,200 m2 and Total Car Parking Area Capacity 3,078 cars. 1,800 Seating Capacity Warm Up Area, MEP Building, Info Centre and Two External Buildings are other building of Projects. Design and Engineering Service, Procurement and Logistic Services, Over All Turn Key Coordination Services, HSE Management Service, QA/QC Management Service, Construction Supervision Services and Planning and Project Controls Service successfully completed by TEKFEN.

1. Project Total Layout Area is 650,000m²

2. Earthworks, total 7,000,000 m³ soil movement and improvement completed

3. Pilling Works; 2,469 pcs (Length: 35m, Diameter: 1.2m), Totally 80km Pile works completed within 5 months

4. 360,000m3 reinforced concrete works completed in 12 months. Daily average of Concrete works 2,000m3 in May 2013

5. Structural Works;

5.1. Total Concrete Works: 360,000 m³

5.2. Formwork: 415,000 m2

5.3. Reinforcement: 55,000 ton

6. Structural Steel Works;

6.1. 30 ea dual Roof Truss have been lifted by 1,250 tonnage capacity of mobile crane

6.2. Structural Steel: 21,000tons

7. Architecture Works

8. Elevator; 26 ea, Escalator; 16 ea

10. Sport facilities and game fields;

10.1. Syntactic running Track; IAAF A Class Certificated Main Stadium 12,530.00 m2 with 9 race track, IAAF B Class Certificated Warm Up 9,075.00 m2 with 9 race track, Indoor Warm Up 3,829.00 m2 10.2. Natural Turf Field; 7,865.40 m2 2 ea, total 15,730.80m2 10.3. Main Stadium Seating 68,000 ea 10.4. Warm Up Stadium Seating 1,800 ea

11. Secondary Façade of Main Stadium, Aluminum Glassed Cladding; 10,000 m2

12. Façade works; 60,000m2 ETFE cladding of Façade and Roof works

13. Interior finishing works for Special Areas; VVIP with 126 ea Suites, VIP Suites with 500 spectator’s capacity.

14. Boards; 14.1. 2 HD Scoreboard total area 430m2 14.2. 692 m Led Strip Display Boards 14.3. 307 m Pitch Perimeter Display Boards 14.4. Landscaping 450,000 m2

15. Total 60,000m² Façade and Roof Covering with ETFE, 60,000m2 ETFE cladding of Façade and Roof works


The venue will host games for the Azerbaijan national football team as well as concerts. Baku Olympic Stadium will fulfil FIFA's and UEFA's highest technical recommendations and elite stadium obligations for football stadiums and is automatically qualified to arrange tournaments and qualification games in European Football Championships. The stadium is also expected to host athletics, ceremonies during 2015 European Games and Quarter-finals and Group stage during UEFA Euro 2020.


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Coordinates: 40°25′47″N 49°55′11″E / 40.429766°N 49.91979°E / 40.429766; 49.91979