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Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!!
Lets' & Go! Volume 10 cover featuring Retsu & Go Seiba with Hurricane Sonic
Genre Action
Written by Tetsuhiro Koshita
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Coro Coro Comics
Original run June 1994October 1999
Volumes 13 (original) + 7 (MAX)
Anime television series
Directed by Tetsurō Amino
Studio XEBEC
Network TV Tokyo
Original run 8 January 199630 December 1996
Episodes 51 + 1 special
Anime television series
Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! WGP
Directed by Takao Kato
Studio XEBEC
Network TV Tokyo
Original run 6 January 199722 December 1997
Episodes 51
Anime film
Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! WGP Bōsō Mini Yonku Dai Tsuiseki!
Directed by Tetsurō Amino
Studio XEBEC, L&G Project 97
Released 5 July 1997
Runtime 80 minutes
Anime television series
Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! MAX
Directed by Takao Kato
Studio XEBEC
Network TV Tokyo
Original run 5 January 199821 December 1998
Episodes 51
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Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! (爆走兄弟レッツ&ゴー!! Bakusō Kyōdai Rettsu Endo Gō!!?) is a manga series created by Tetsuhiro Koshita, first serialized in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic magazine. The manga centers on Retsu and Go Seiba, twin brothers who focus on the world of miniature car racing. It is created as a tie-in to Tamiya's Mini 4WD franchise, and its the second series to center on the franchise since Dash! Yonkuro.

Three Anime Adaptations of the manga were produced by Xebec from 1996 to 1998, each of which consisting of three 51-episode series, and was also made into several games. The series also released various merchandise, including CDs, trading cards, and stickers.


  • The manga series ran serially in CoroCoro Comic starting in the June 1994 issue through the October 1999 issue.


TRF Victorys[edit]

The TRF Victorys [sic] are a team of Mini 4WD racers in the WGP competition, consisting of the main characters and representing Japan. TRF is an abbreviation for "Tsuchiya Racing Factory" (named for Dr. Tsuchiya), and it is also a reference to the real-life Tamiya Racing Factory, which also goes by the initials "TRF."

Retsu is one of the two title characters. He is a fifth-grade student who is 11 years old, and Go's older brother. Although he is able to control his patience better than his brother, he still lets out his annoyance with someone once in a while. Retsu sports a green hat as his trademark. His primary color is red, which is the color of his hair, eyes, gloves, shirt, and Mini 4WD cars. Together with Go, they are known as the "Let's Go Brothers" (レッツゴー兄弟 Rettsu Gō Kyoudai). In WGP, he is the captain of the TRF Victorys.
    • Cars:
      • Super Astute Jr. (スーパーアスチュートJr. Suupaa Asshuuto Junia)
      • Sonic Saber (ソニックセイバー Sonikku Seibā)
      • Vanguard Sonic (バンガードソニック Bangādo Sonikku)
      • Sonic 600 (ソニック 600,Sonikku rokuhyaku)
      • Hurricane Sonic (ハリケーンソニック Harikēn Sonikku)
      • Buster Sonic (バスターソニック Basutā Sonikku)
      • Blitzer Sonic (ブリッツァーソニック Burittsā Sonikku)
      • Rodeo Sonic (ロデオソニック Rodeo Sonikku)
    • Special Techniques
      • Hurricane Power Drift (w/h Hurricane Sonic)
      • Buster Turn (w/h Buster Sonic)
      • Buster Sonic Storm (w/h Buster Sonic, Eternal WingS game)
Go is the second of the two title characters. He is Retsu's younger brother by one year, and he is in the fourth grade. Go is rash, impulsive, careless, impatient, and brash. He is usually seen wearing goggles, but they are on his forehead most of the time as opposed to covering his eyes. His primary color is blue, which is the color of his hair, eyes, gloves, and boots, as well as his cars.
    • Cars:
      • Manta Ray Jr. (マンタレイJr. Manta Rei Junia)
      • Magnum Saber (マグナムセイバー Magunamu Seibā)
      • Wild Homerun (used once, borrowed from Jun)
      • Victory Magnum (ビクトリーマグナム Bikutorī Magunamu)
      • Magnum 600 (マグナム 600 Magunamu rokuhyaku)
      • Cyclone Magnum (サイクロンマグナム Saikuron Magunamu)
      • Beat Magnum (ビートマグナム Bīto Magunamu)
      • Lightning Magnum (ライトニングマグナム Raitoningu Magunamu)
      • Bison Magnum (バイソンマグナム Baishun Magunamu)
    • Special Techniques
      • Magnum Tornado
      • Magnum Dynamite (w/h Beat Magnum)
Ryo is a wanderer who, with his brother Jiromaru, lives off the land. When he first meets the Seiba Brothers, He quickly becomes their rival, particularly that of Go. Eventually however, he becomes a friend of the Seibas and as well as a member of the TRF Victorys. It later revealed that Jo from Astro Rangers had crush on him because Ryo save her once. It shown when Astro Rangers coach ask Dr. Tsuchiya where Ryo lives because one of them is seem have some feeling toward him
    • Cars:
      • Tridagger X (トライダガーX Toraidagā X)
      • Neo-Tridagger ZMC (ネオトライダガーZMC Neo Toraidagā ZMC)
      • Rising Trigger (ライジングトリガー Raijingu Torigā)
      • Tridagger XX (トライダガーXX Toraidagā Daburu X)
  • Tokichi Mikuni (三国 藤吉 Mikuni Tōkichi) - Chie Koujiro
Tokichi is a spoiled rich boy, because his father is the owner of Mikuni Corporation. When he first meets the Seiba Brothers, Go takes an instant liking to him, most likely because of his money. His family owns an arcade (which instantly attracts Go), which is always the hot spot for kids. When speaking, he pronounces "desu" (です, meaning "is" or "to be") as "degesu" (でげす). His strength is making cars with emphasis on their technical cornering ability. Tokichi also likes to make his entrances in overly extravagant manners stereotypical of rich people, such as jumping out of a helicopter, arriving in a limousine, and surrounded with an entourage with great fanfare.
    • Cars:
      • Spin Axe (スピンアックス Supin Akkusu)
      • Spin Cobra (スピンコブラ Supin Kobura)
      • Spin Viper (スピンバイパー Supin Baipā)
      • Spin Axe Mk.II (スピンアックス Mk.II Supin Akkusu Maaku Tsuu)
    • Special Techniques
      • Thunder Drift
      • Lightning Drift
Initially a battle racer in the Ōgami Corps, trained under Dr. Ōgami, he later finds enjoyment in regular racing with the Seiba brothers. Because of this, he decides to leave Ōgami Labs, renouncing the anything-to-win attitude instilled by Dr. Ōgami, and goes to live with Dr. Tsuchiya in his laboratory as an assistant. As a result, he also gradually changes in his personality, turning from an introvert into a more cheerful boy. Of all the other team members, J is the most skilled technician/mechanic, having prior experience with computers and machines while under Ogami's training. These skills are proven on many occasions, namely when he repaired the damaged Tridagger X to repay Ryo for damaging it in a previous race, when he helped Go design and build the Cyclone Magnum and when he designed the Proto Saber EVO. He appears to be best friends with Go.
    • Cars:
      • Proto Saber JB (プロトセイバーJB Puroto Seibā JB)
      • Proto Saber Evolution (プロトセイバーエヴォリューション Puroto Seibā Evoryūshon)
    • Special Techniques
      • Air Brake/Air Gun (w/h Proto Saber JB)
      • Dolphin System
      • Shark System
      • Hyper Dolphin System

Other racers[edit]

  • Makoto Kohiru (こひる まこと Kohiru Makoto)
A regular racer whose determination can nearly overcome the Seiba siblings in the Winter GJC qualifying. He's the first named rival of the protagonists and his friendly attitude allows him to be friends with the protagonists. His performances are not as shining as other racers, but his determination and luck allows him to win the Winter GJC. He doesn't appear much in races after the introduction of Kai Okita and a battle racing rule. He is a part of the Super Great Japan Cup's 12 racers.
    • Cars:
      • Avante 2001 Jr.
      • Saber 600 (2001)
  • Futoshi Kurosawa (黒沢太 Kurosawa Futoshi)
A big and rowdy racer. Kurosawa is the owner of "Black Saber", the prototype mini-4wd created by Dr. Tsuchiya, specializes in modification of the machine and upgrade parts to be used in various situations. Kurosawa starts out as a cheater who puts weapons into his car, but he never wins a race that way. He flies to America and comes back even more vicious. However, with the appearance of Kai Okita and his Beak Spider, he decides to race normally and becomes a permanent ally of the protagonists.
    • Cars:
      • Black Saber (Normal, CB, GX, PG, CG, Snow Special)
  • Jirōmaru Takaba (鷹羽 二郎丸 Takaba Jirōmaru) - Ikue Ōtani
Jirōmaru is Ryo Takaba's younger brother. He likes Ryo a lot, and follows him around everywhere. In his speech, he always mispronounces "desu" (です, meaning "is" or several other forms of "to be") as "dasu" (だす), and calls Ryo "anchan" (あんちゃん), a cross between "aniki" (兄貴) and "oniichan" (お兄ちゃん), both ways of referring to one's older brother in Japanese. His cars, the customized Saber 600, are constantly damaged in races. In episode 10 of the WGP season, Jirōmaru substitutes Ryo because his leg is injured.
    • Cars:
      • Armored Tridagger X
      • Jirōmaru Special ("Special Special","Special Special Special","Special Special Special Special","Special Special Special Special Special")
Jun has been a friend of the Seiba brothers since they were infants. She is an ace pitcher in baseball, and plays for a team named "Jun Chanzu" (ジュンちゃんず). At first, she is a novice at Mini 4WD racing, but improves in her skill through the influence of the Seiba brothers and others. Jun's name, combined with those of Retsu and Go, is a reference to Jun Retsugō (レツゴー じゅん Retsugō Jun), the stage name of Japanese comedian Yoshiji Watanabe (渡辺 美二 Watanabe Yoshiji).
    • Cars:
      • Wild Home Run (resembles a van with monster truck proportioned wheels.)
      • Home Run Manta Ray (Manta Ray Jr. Custom)
      • Super Home Run Manta Ray.
      • Home Run Manta Ray WGP (Only in drama CD).
  • Chīko Mikuni (三国 チイコ Mikuni Chīko) - Akiko Yajima
Chīko is Tokichi's younger sister. She has a crush on Retsu. She uses her own Mini 4WD called the "Flower Axe", which is a customised variant of the Spin Axe. In episode 18 of the WGP season, when Chiiko becomes jealous of the female WGP competitors, she imagines a scene where a group of female admirers crowds around Retsu. Oddly enough, the group includes Riichi, a male character.
    • Car:
      • Flower Axe
      • Flower Viper (Only in Drama CD)
R is J's older sister, originally thought to have died in a plane accident on her way to America while she and J were still kids. She was first disappointed at J for defecting from Ogami but later understood why after the first race of the SGJC. She is last seen returning to America, saying that if J sees her there, she would show J what real racing is.
    • Car: Dragon Delta

Supporting characters[edit]

The head of the Tsuchiya Racing Factory. His first name is never mentioned; he is simply referred to as Dr. Tsuchiya. He is named after Hirotsugu Tsuchiya, a Tamiya employee. His ongoing conflict in ideals continue against Dr. Ogami as the story progresses.
He also has a past of being a jet pilot and engineer of jet planes, as shown in his lesser-seen parts of his labs. It is also where he found the inspiration to create the Super Avante; the prototype used for all the Saber series of Mini 4WD racers.
  • Takeshi "Mini Yon Fighter" Sugiyama (杉山 闘士 Sugiyama Takeshi, ミニ四ファイター Mini Yon Faitā) - Showtaro Morikubo
The emcee, announcer, and commentator for most Mini 4WD races. Have a crush on Ms. Manami, Go's teacher. In the anime, he owns a legendary mini-4wd called "Shining Scorpion" given to him by Dr. Tetshin before his retirement in racing. In the manga, he owns a star-and-striped machine that resembles Victory Magnum, the "Fighter Magnum VFX"
Tamotsu is Jun's father and the manager of the Sagami Model Shop that the Seiba brothers frequent. Despite running a business, he refuses to supply any Battle Racing Parts as he believes that racing is not about destroying other vehicles.
He is the father of the Seiba brothers. Kaizō quickly developed an interest for Mini 4WD and likes to race together with his sons. His personal vehicle is a customized variant of the Saber series of mass-produced racers, which he personally calls "Godfather Special". If not for the rule saying that adults can't participate on Mini 4WD competitions, he'd enter them.
The mother of the Seiba brothers, she has a bighearted and courageous personality. At first, she dislikes Mini 4WD racing, mostly due to her annoyance with Retsu and Go constantly fighting about them, but she eventually grows used to it.

WGP rival teams[edit]

NA Astro Rangers ( USA)[edit]

The NA Astro Rangers are a team of NASA trainees in the WGP competition, representing the USA. All members use the same car, the Buck Blader, but each one has a different tuning setup despite their identical exteriors. The Buck Blader is noted for their versatile build due to their all-terrain custom chassis.

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, USA

The team captain of the NA Astro Rangers. He has strong rivalry with Schmidt from Eisen Wolf because, his lost from him in Atlantic Cup before the WGP Started.
    • Car: Buck Blader
    • Special Technique : Power Booster (a last-use ability which forces the machine into overdrive, thus draining all the remaining battery of the vehicle)
Member of Astro Rangers. He is somehow similar with Go from Victorys. Sometime he can become out controlled and go by himself. He once race with Go from Victorys Illegally.
    • Car: Buck Blader (all-purpose setup)
Member of Astro Rangers. She has a crush on Ryo from Victorys since Ryo saved her from Jet Ski accident in episode 10, which caused Ryo's ankle to be injured. It is revealed when Mr. Danise (Astro Rangers' coach) asks Dr. Tsuchiya where Ryo lives because Jo seems to have some feelings toward him.
    • Car: Buck Blader (high speed setup)
  • Michael Miller - Hidehiro Kikuchi
    • Car: Buck Blader (cornering specialist setup)

Eisen Wolf ( Germany)[edit]

Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany

The leader of Eisen Wolf. He is known as the Prince of Mini 4WD and never loses before competing in the first World Grand Prix. He joins the team late in the season along with Bergkaiser machine upgrade.
    • Car: Bergkaiser Type:R
    • Special Technique : invincibility myth
Member of Eisen Wolf. Has strong rivalry with Astro Rangers' leader Brett.
    • Car: Eisen Wolf Farm Machine, Bergkaiser Type:L
    • Special Technique : Two Wings
Member of Eisen Wolf. Unlike his teammates, he has joined the competition from the beginning.
    • Car: Eisen Wolf Farm Machine, Bergkaiser Type:R
    • Special Technique : Rocket 2
  • Adolf
    • Car: Eisen Wolf Farm Machine, Bergkaiser Type:L
  • Hassler
    • Car: Eisen Wolf Farm Machine, Bergkaiser Type:L

Rosso Strada ( Italy)[edit]

Headquarters: Naples, Italy

The leader of Rosso Strada. A serious guy, Carlo often cheats in races by equipping his car with dangerous weapons such as knives. Despite his despicable attitude, Carlo has a dark past of living in the streets and had to look for food in trash cans. The only race he wins without using Adios Dance is the second stage of WGP final.
    • Car: Diospada
    • Special Technique : Dance of The Death (also known as Adios Dance)
  • Luchino
    • Car: Diospada
  • Giulio
    • Car: Diospada
  • Leone
    • Car: Diospada
  • Zola
    • Car: Diospada

CCP Silver Fox ( Russia)[edit]

Headquarters: Olavyannaya, Russia

A boy who is kind and careful. A nature-lover.
    • Car: Omega01.
    • Special technique :dexterity and of nature
  • FOX1
    • Car: Omega1.
  • FOX2
    • Car: Omega2.
  • FOX3
    • Car: Omega3.
  • FOX4
    • Car: Omega4.

Savannah Soldiers ( South Africa)[edit]

Asides from their manager/coach (Kai Okita), the Savannah Soldiers consist purely of female racers. Their Team's Machines are the Beak Spider Zebra; modelled directly after their coach's original machine, the Beak Spider.

Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa

  • Juliana
The Team leader. Has a strong bond with her coach.
    • Cars:
      • Beak Spider
      • Beak Spider Zebra
Special Technique : Wing Blade
  • Salima
    • Car: Beak Spider Zebra
  • Vicky
    • Car: Beak Spider Zebra
  • Michel
    • Car: Beak Spider Zebra
  • Clementine
    • Car: Beak Spider Zebra

Light Scorpion ( China)[edit]

Headquarters: Beijing, China PR

  • Teng
    • Car: Ku Long, Shining Dragon (POWER WGP2 Super Famicom game)
  • Huan
An extremely timid Chinese boy who plays mini 4WD car but doesn't want it or anybody else's cars to get hurt by making an impact to surroundings. Go befriends Huan and encourages him to trust in his machine. He then is changed into a boy who never gives up as a Mini 4WD Racer. Despite not being a leader, he's important to the plot more than the other racers in the Light Scorpion and has a unique mini 4wd machine.
    • Car: Shining Scorpion
  • Nan
    • Car: Ku Long, Shining Dragon (POWER WGP2 Super Famicom game)
  • Peng
    • Car: Ku Long, Shining Dragon (POWER WGP2 Super Famicom game)
  • Lizhi
    • Car: Ku Long, Shining Dragon (POWER WGP2 Super Famicom game)

Odins ( Norway/ Sweden)[edit]

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway/Stockholm, Sweden

  • Woldegard
    • Car: White Knight (red striped)
A small child who is very similar to Go that he and Go befriend each other almost immediately. He always says that his machine is the strongest(he said in Japanese "buchigiri!").
    • Car: White Knight (blue striped)
Special Technique : Trans-Gear System
  • Johansson
    • Car: White Knight (red striped)
  • Janette
    • Car: White Knight (red striped)
  • Margaretha
    • Car: White Knight (red striped)

AR Boomerangs ( Australia)[edit]

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

An Australian boy. His machine is the Native Sun; which is equipped with Solar Panels used for powering the vehicle to eliminate the need for changing batteries. The Native Sun is also equipped with auxiliary batteries used for powering both the vehicle and the wipers (used for removing foreign objects blocking the panels).
    • Car: Native Sun
Special Technique : Sunshine Motor

Cool Caribbeans ( Jamaica)[edit]

Headquarters: Kingston, Jamaica

  • Pico
A Jamaican Racer and the leader of Cool Caribbeans who loves to dance.
    • Car: Jammin RG.
Special technique : Sand Burst

Name translations[edit]

Japanese (Original) Philippines Italian Indonesian Spanish
Retsu Seiba (星馬 烈) Jet Ricky Retsu Let's
Go Seiba (星馬 豪) Joey Ghigo Go Go
J Jay J Je J/Jay
Ryo Takaba Ryan Ryo Rio Ryo
Jirōmaru Takaba Jericho Gerolamo Jiromaru Jiromaru
Tokichi Mikuni Timothy Edoardo Tokichi Tokichi
Futoshi Kurosawa Carlone Kurosawa Kurosawa
Dr. Tsuchiya (土屋) Dr. Hendricks Mr. Jeep Dr. Suchiya Dr. Suchiya
Dr. Ōgami (大神) Dr. O'Hara Dottor Orlando Dr. Ogami Dr. Ogami
Retsuya Ichimonji (一文字 烈矢) Robin Retsuya
Gōki Ichimonji (一文字 豪樹) George Gouki


  • Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! aired on TV Tokyo from January 8, 1996 through December 30, 1996
  • Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! WGP aired on TV Tokyo from January 6, 1997 through December 22, 1997
  • Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! MAX aired on TV Tokyo from January 5, 1998 through December 21, 1998
  • The film, Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! WGP Bousou Mini 4wd daitsuiseki, was released on July 5, 1997


Let's & Go!![edit]

# Japanese Rōmaji Translation Bahasa
1 ミニ四駆兄弟登場走れセイバー! Mini Yonku Kyōdai Tōjō Hashire Seibā Enter Mini 4WD Brothers! Go Saber! Mini 4WD Bersaudara Tampil! Majulah Saber!
2 ウインターレース波乱の決勝戦!! Uintā Rēsu Haran no Kesshōsen!! Disturbance in the Winter Race Finals!! Pertandingan Musim Dingin, Kekacauan di Babak Final!
3 謎のフルカウルマシン! Nazo no Furu Kauru Mashin! Mysterious Fully Cowled Machine! Mini 4WD yang Misterius
4 嵐の兄弟対決! 爆走ダウンヒルレース! Arashi no Kyōdai Taiketsu! Bakusou Daunhiru Rēsu! Stormy Confrontation! Roaring Downhill Race! Pertandingan Antara 2 Bersaudara, Pertandingan Menuruni Bukit
5 再対決! トライダガーX地下水路の戦い! Saitaiketsu! Toraidagā Ekkusu Chikasuiro no Tatakai! Rematch! Battle with Tridagger X in the Culvert! Pertarungan di Gorong-Gorong
6 危うしマグナム! 稲妻走りの新マシン!! Ayaushi Magunamu! Inazuma Hashiri no Shin Mashin!! Magnum in Danger! The New Lightning Machine!! Mobil Baru Berkecepatan Halilintar
7 激突! コーナー勝負ソニックセイバーVSスピンアックス Gekitotsu! Cōnā Shōbu Sonikku Seibā VS Supin Akkusu Confrontation! Corner Game: Sonic Saber vs. Spin Axe! Pertandingan Sonic Saber Melawan Spin X
8 かっ飛べマグナム! スプリングレースをめざせ! Kattobe Magunamu! Supuringu Rēsu o Mezase! Fly, Magnum! Aim at the Spring Race! Menuju Pertandingan Musim Semi
9 強敵大集合! 火花を散らすスプリングレース Kyouteki Daishūgō! Hibana o Chirasu Supuringu Rēsu Large Gathering, Powerful Opponent! The Sparking Spring Race! Pertandingan di Musim Semi yang Hebat!
10 必殺マグナムトルネード! Hissatsu Magunamu Torunēdo! Special Technique, Magnum Tornado! Teknik Andalan, Magnum Tornado!
11 烈の危機! 残されたチャンス Retsu no Kiki! Nokosareta Chansu! Retsu's Crisis! Remaining Chance Retsu Memperebutkan Kesempatan
12 豪の挑戦! マグナムを取り戻せ!! Gō no Chōsen! Magunamu o Torimodose!! Go's Challenge! Recover Magnum!! Tantangan Untuk Go! Mengembalikan Magnum!
13 6人目のフルカウルレーサー Roku nin me no furu kauru reesaa The 6th Fully Cowled Machine Racer! Balap Mobil Dengan 6 Orang Peserta
14 驚異の最強マシン大神博士の野望! Kyooi no saikyoo mashin Oogami hakase no yaboo! Dr. Oogami's Ambition: The Strongest Miracle Machine! Ancaman Untuk Mesin Terkuat
15 ギャングと対決! ご先祖様を守れ!! Gyangu to taiketsu! Gosenzo sama wo mamore! Confronting the Gang! Protect Grandpa! Melindungi Saber Dari Kehancuran
16 火山口の死闘! セイバー絶体絶命! Kazankoo no shitoo! Seibaa zettai-zetsumei! Volcanic Crater Death match! The Sabers' Desperate Situation! Pertandingan di Kawah Gunung Api
17 Vマシン誕生! 勝利の明日に賭けろ Bui-mashin tanjoo! Shoori no ashita ni kakero! V Machines Born! Bet on Tomorrow's Victory! Kelahiran Mobil V
18 走れVマシン! 危険がいっぱい遊園地レース Hashire Bui-mashin! Kikenga ippai yuuenchi reesu Run, V Machine! Amusement Park Race Full of Danger! Pertandingan Berbahaya di Taman Hiburan
19 強敵JBを倒せ!! 友情のVパワー Kyooteki Jee-Bii o taose! Yuujoo no Bui-pawaa Defeat JB, the Powerful Opponent! V Power of Friendship! Kalahkan Musuh Kuat! Proto Saber JB!
20 消えたマシントライダガーX! Kieta mashin Toraidagaa-Ekkusu! Tridagger X Goes Out! Hilangnya Tridagger X
21 チイコ大旋風 対決! 星馬兄弟 Chiiko daisenpuu Taiketsu! Seiba kyoodai Chiiko's Whirlwind. Confrontation of Seiba Brothers Serangan Maut Dari Putri Chiko
22 帰ってきたあいつ 恐怖の切り裂きマシン! Kaette kita aitsu Kyoofu no kirisaki mashin He has return! The Dreaded Cutting Machine! Dia Sudah Pulang
23 缶詰工場の決闘! 新たなる旅立ち Kanzume koojoo no kettoo! Aratanaru tabidachi Duel in Canned Goods Factory ! Starting a New Journey! Suratan Tangan Dari Okita Kai
24 スピンコブラ発進! ニューマシン開発指令 Supin kobura hasshin! Nyuu mashin kaihatsu meirei Spin Cobra Takes Off! New Machine Development Orders Spin X Yang Baru, Spin Cobra
25 サマーレース開催ミニ四駆の熱い夏! Samaa-reesu kaisai Mini-yonku no atsui natsu The Summer Race Begins! Hot summer of Mini 4wd! Pertandingan Mobil Balap Mini Musim Panas Ini
26 傷だらけのゴール! 涙のトライダガー Kizudarake no gooru! Namida no torai dagaa Goal of Wounds! Tridagger of Tears! Pertandingan The Great Japan Cup Musim Panas!
27 炎のニューマシンよみがえれトライダガー Honoo no nyu-mashin Yomigaere Toraidagaa New Machine of Flame: Tridagger Returns Bangkitlah Kembali Tridagger!
28 焼結! 驚異のZMC鷹羽リョウ完全復活 Shouketsu! Kyooi no Zetto-Emu-Shii Takaba Ryo kanzen fukkatsu Sintering! Amazing ZMC, Ryo Takaba Back! ZMC yang Luar Biasa
29 激流パニック! ミニ四駆救助隊 Gekiryuu panikku! Mini-yonku kyuujotai Rapid Current Panic! Mini 4WD Rescue Team Tim Penyelamat Mini 4WD
30 海だ! サルだ! チームワークで大勝負 Umida! Saruda! Chiimuwaaku de daishoobu Sea! Monkeys! Big Race of Teamwork Pertandingan Antar Team
31 ブロッケンG登場! 破壊の重量級マシン Burokken-Jii toojoo! Hakai no juuryoo kyuu mashin Enter Brocken G! Heavyweight Machine of Destruction Mobil Perusak Kelas Berat
32 ゆうれいと対決! 学校七不思議レース!! Yuurei to taiketsu! Gakkoo nana-fushigi reesu Confrontation With a Ghost! Race of School Seven Wonders!! Pertandingan Dengan Hantu Sekolah
33 砂嵐の戦い! ルール無用の大神レース Sunaarashi no tatakai! Ruuru muyoo no Oogami reesu Sandstorm Battle! Oogami Race of No Rules Peraturan yang Tidak Berguna
34 キャンプで決戦! 追いつめられたJ Kyanpu de taisen! Oitsumerareta Jee Decisive Battle in Camp! J is Chased Bertarung di Camp, J yang Terjebak
35 敵はVマシン! レッツゴー奪回作戦 Teki wa Bui-mashin! Reetsu-Goo dakkai sakusen Enemy V Machine! Let's Go Recapture Maneuvers Strategi Besar Retsu & Go
36 幻のスコーピオン 伝説のミニ四駆 Maboroshi no sukoopion Densetsu no mini-yonku Legendary Mini 4WD, Scorpion the Phantom Mobil Khayalan Scorpion
37 レイスティンガー! 大神の切り札! Rei Stingaa! Oogami no kirifuda! Ray Stinger! Oogami's Trump Card! Ray Stinger, Senjata Ampuh Ogami
38 復活! マグナムその名はサイクロン Fukkatsu! Magunamu Sono na wa saikuron Revival! Magnum, Thy Name is Cyclone Reinkarnasi Magnum
39 サイクロン上陸! 俺は天才デザイナー Saikuron jooriku! Ore wa tensai dezainaa Cyclone Landing! I'm a Genius Designer Kemunculan Cyclone Magnum
40 白熱のオータムレース Hakunetsu no ootamu reesu Climatic Autumn Race Pertandingan Musim Gugur yang Membara
41 対立! Jと豪 危うしサイクロン Taiketsu! Jee to Goo Ayaushi saikuron Conflict between J & Go! Cyclone in Danger Perselisihan J & Go
42 ミニ四師匠 豪!? 秋祭りレース開催 Mini-yon shishoo Goo!? Akimatsuri reesu kaisai Go, the Mini 4WD Master!? Autumn Festival Exhibition Race Go Jadi Guru Mini 4WD
43 王子様とレース! ジュン愛逃避行 Oojisama to reesu! Jun ai-toohikoo Race with the Prince! Jun's Love Elopement Pertandingan Dengan Pangeran
44 マグナム絶好調! 烈のあせり Magunamu zekkoochoo! Retsu no aseri Magnum in Best Condition! Retsu's Upset Retsu Terdesak
45 烈の裏切り!? ソニックVSマグナム Retsu no uragiri!? Sonikku tai (or Bui-Esu) Magunamu Retsu's Betrayal!? Sonic vs. Magnum Sonic Melawan Magnum
46 復活のJ! プロトセーバーEVO.(エボリューション) Fukkatsu no Jee! Puroto seeba Ii-Bui-Oo (Eboryuushon) Revival of J! Proto Saber EVO. (Evolution) Proto Saber Evolution
47 火花散るラストチャンス! Hibana chiru rasuto chansu The Last Chance Which Scatters Sparks! Perebutan Kesempatan Terakhir
48 SGJC開幕!! 波乱のスタート! Esu-Jii-Jee-Shii kaimaku! Haran no sutaato SGJC Commencement!! Start of Disturbance! Super Great Japan Cup Dimulai
49 レッツゴー大苦戦! 爆進! 破壊軍団 Rettsu-Goo daikusen! Bakushin! Hakaigundan Retsu and Go's Bitter Fight! Blast Shin! Destructive Corps Pasukan Penghancur
50 大激戦! 雪山コース 過酷な第2グラウンド! Daigekisen! Yukiyama koosu Kakoku na dai ni guraundo! Large Fierce Battle! Mountain Ground, Severe Second Course! Pertandingan Ke-2 yang Sengit
51 栄光の表彰台!! 勝利のミニ四駆 Eikoo no hyooshoodai!! Shoori no mini yon-ku! Commendation Stand of Glory!! Mini 4WD of Victory! Kemenangan Mini 4WD


# Japanese Rōmaji Translation Bahasa
1 ミニ四駆新時代 めざせ世界グランプリ! Mini yonku shinjidai mezase sekai guranpuri! Mini 4wd New Generation: Toward WGP! Capailah Grand Prix Dunia
2 TRFビクトリーズ誕生! WGP日本開幕! TRF Victorys tanjou! WGP nippon kaimaku! The Birth of TRF Victorys! WGP Japan Kick Off! Lahirnya TRF Victorys
3 GPマシン完成! リーダーはだれ? GP mashin kansei! Riidaa ha dare? GP finally done! Who will be the captain? Mobil Grand Prix Sudah Selesai
4 驚異のチームプレー! 氷原から来た銀狐 Kyoui no chiimu puree! Hyougen kara kira gingitsune Surprising teamwork! The foxes from Glacier Pertarungan Melawan Team Silver Fox
5 打倒! バックブレーダー 猛特訓を乗り切れ Datou! Bakku Burēdā Moutokkun wo norikire Kekompakan Team! Atur Formasi Team
6 激走! GPクロス 4位をねらえ! Gekisou! GP Kurosu Yon'i wo Nerae! The exciting Race of GP, Go For the Forth! GP Cross, Bersiaplah Untuk Bertempur!
7 ビクトリーズの危機! 新監督たまみ先生?! Victorys no Kiki! Sin kantoku Tamami Sensei?! Victorys in Crisis! Miss Tamami the New Manager?! Pelatih Baru, Bu Tamami?!
8 番外対決 豪VSエッジ Bangai Taiketsu Gō VS Edge! Race out of Court, Go VS Edge Pertarungan Terlarang
9 謎の覆面レーサー 俺達カッ飛びブッちぎり Nazo no Fukumen Rēsā Oretachi Kattobi Bucchigiri   Pembalap Bertopeng Misterius
10 二郎丸参戦! アストロドームの戦い Jiroumaru Sansen! Astro Dome no Tatakai! Jiroumaru takes part! Series in Space Metrodome! Jiromaru Ikut Bertanding!
11 秘密兵器! 衝撃!! パワーブースター Himitsu Heiki! Shougeki!! Power Booster Secret Weapon, The Power Booster! Senjata Perang Rahasia
12 春夏秋冬全開バトル 北国のリーダー Shunkashūtō Zenkai Batoru Kitaguni no Rīdā Full Battle in All Seasons, The Leader from the North Pertandingan 4 Musim Dimulai
13 ジャングルを切り裂け! 蘇るキラーマシン!! Janguru wo Kirisake! Yomigaeru Kirā Mashin!!   Mobil Pembunuh Bangkit Kembali
14 伝説のマシンを持った変な奴 Densetsu no mashin wo motta hen na yatsu Strange men with the Legend Car Pemilik Mobil Legendaris
15 ビクトリーズVS光蠍(ゴンキ) シャイニングスコーピオン参上!     Victorys Melawan Gongki
16 帰ってきた王者(チャンピオン) 輝け! グレートジャパンカップ     Kembalinya Sang Juara
17 嵐の中の大作戦! ニューモーターに賭けろ! Arashi no naka no daikessen! nyuu mootaa ni kakero! Game in the Storm, gambling on the new Motor! Strategi Besar Dalam Badai
18 子供の日大レース GPレーサー大集合   Race of Children's day, gather all the GP Player Pertandingan Besar Hari Anak-Anak
19 勝て!恐怖のデスマッチ ディオスパーダVSサイクロンマグナム   The duel of life and death, Cyclone Magnum VS Dio Spada Diospada Melawan Cyclone Magnum
20 リズムに乗って突っ走れ! あつい国から来たレーサー   Go with the rhythm, the player from Jamaica Pembalap Dari Negeri Panas
21 燃えろ藤吉! スピンコブラの逆襲     Pembalasan Spin Cobra
22 決めるぜ、日本一! 商店街で大レース!!     Pertandingan Besar Di Kawasan Pertokoan
23 先手必勝! スタート勝負!?     Mencuri Start
24 選手は誰だ? 開催! ドリームチャンスレース     Pertandingan Dream Change Dimulai
25 ライバル勢ぞろい 白熱! ドリームチャンスレース     Pertandingan Dream Change Memanas
26 ゴール前の大逆転 決着! ドリームチャンスレース     Penentuan Pertandingan Dream Change
27 紅の閃光! ロッソストラーダの魔手!!   Red Flashes, Adieus Stanza of Rosso Strada Tangan Iblis Rosso Strada
28 スリーリレーバトル! 打倒! ディオスパーダ   Three person Relay beat down the Italian! Tundukan Diospada
29 奴がリーダー? 姿を見せた強敵!   He is the Captain? Another strong Enemy! Lawan Tangguh Telah Memperlihatkan Diri
30 復活のレーサー     Kembalinya Sang Pembalap
31 決死のミニ四サバイバル!     Bertahan Hidup Dengan Mini 4WD
32 真夏の悪夢! でた!おばけ合宿     Mimpi Buruk Di Musim Panas
33 ミニ四駆親子レース 速さの秘密はお父さん?     Pertandingan Mini 4WD Antara Orang Tua Dan Anak
34 ビクトリーズ壊滅!! 死闘タワーサーキット!   The destruction of Victory, the duel on the tower Sirkuit Menara Kematian
35 誕生! 友情のニューマシン!!   The new car of friendship!! Mobil Persahabatan Telah Lahir
36 五ヶ国対抗選抜レース! 激走!ビートマグナム     Melesatlah Beat Magnum
37 荒馬たちの挽歌   The end of Rosso Strada's strategy Balada Kuda-Kuda Liar
38 めざせ大逆転 絶対不利をはね返せ!     Kelemahan Pasti Teratasi
39 天才との対決! でるか必殺技   Game against Guinius, the new technique Akan Munculkah Tehnik Adalan?
40 バックブレーダーの厚い壁   The Iron Curtain of Team USA Tembok Tebal Buck Blader
41 リーダーの責任 Riidaa no sekinin The responsibility of a Captain Tanggung Jawab Pimpinan
42 走れ! ダブルスピン Hashire! Daburusupin   Majulah Duo Spin
43 邪悪な走行! EVO(エボリューション)が変わる時     Ketika Evolution Berubah
44 よみがえれ烈!     Bangkitlah Kembali Retsu
45 めざせ決勝戦! フリーフォーメーションで突っ走れ!     Menuju Babak Final
46 ファイナルステージスタート!     Babak Final Dimulai
47 湾岸コースをぶっとばせ!     Berpacu di Pantai Teluk
48 波乱の第2ステージ!!     Kekacauan di Tahap ke-2
49 勝者の条件!     Syarat Untuk Menjadi Pemenang
50 世界一へスタート     Menuju No. 1 di Dunia
51 栄光のゴールをめざして     Menuju Garis Finish Kejayaan


# Japanese Rōmaji Translation
1 おれは豪樹だ! Ore ha Gouki da! I am Gouki!
2 勝負だぜ、ビクトリーズ!! Shoubu daze! Victorys!! Victorys, I challenge you!!
3 嵐を呼ぶ兄弟対決 Arashi wo yobu kyoudai taiketsu Sibling rivalry that stirs the winds
4 謎の少女レーサー Nazo no Shōjo Rēsā Mysterious Girl Racer
5 ボルゾイスクールの掟   Boruzoi School's regulations
6 進め町内防衛隊!    
7 炎の激闘! GJC(グレートジャパンカップ)の熱い冬!!    
8 二台のマシンを使うすごい奴!!    
9 100対1の戦い!    
10 脅威のロケットマシン!    
11 秘められた力    
12 最悪のスタート! ボルゾイオープン開幕!!    
13 消えるマシン!    
14 果てしなきゴール! ボルゾイオープン決着!!    
15 烈矢の挑戦!    
16 川下町デンジャラスレース!    
17 左京からの挑戦状    
18 セントー!?ショーブ! お風呂レースの熱き戦い!!    
19 見えない敵    
20 敵は忍者!?    
21 忍者の正体!    
22 最強のパートナー 怒りの炎雷攻撃!!    
23 驚異の合体技!! 2対2の激闘!!    
24 地獄の底から来たレーサー    
25 実況はまかせて! ファイターレディ見参    
26 プラズマ封印    
27 サマーレースだ南に走れ!!    
28 四人目のレーサー    
29 GJC(グレートジャパンカップ)大予選    
30 オレたちの走り    
31 GJC(グレートジャパンカップ)サマー開催    
32 レースジャック!!    
33 死闘の果ての勝者    
34 オレの相棒(パートナー)    
35 烈矢の新マシン! ナックルブレイカー    
36 USAチャンプ上陸!!    
37 空母強襲! ナックルストーム    
38 一文字兄弟の秘密!!    
39 再戦!サマーレース    
40 ミニ四駆の悪魔 ネロ・ステラ・ボルゾイ    
41 マリナ 父との再会    
42 悪夢の対戦    
43 史上最強の新マシン ディオマース・ネロ    
44 完成!新マックス 豪樹VSリョウ    
45 勝者なきオータムレース    
46 強豪集結 M1開幕    
47 1対1    
48 決戦のグリーンシグナル    
49 悲しき追撃    
50 史上最大のレース    
51 ゴール!! Gooru!! Goal!!

Theme songs[edit]

Title Title Transliteration Title Translation Artist
Let's & Go
Opening themes
Uiningu Ran!
~Kaze ni Naritai~
Winning Run!
~Want to Become the Wind~
Yukio Yamagata
~Futatsu no Omoi~
~Feelings of Two~
Ending themes
ヨ! ブラザー Yo! Burazā Yo! Brother BOOGIEMAN
傷つくこともできない Kizutsuku Koto mo Dekinai It's Even Impossible to Get Hurt Miyuki Kajitani
恋のターゲット・ボーイ Koi no Tāgetto Bōi Target Boy of Love Pink Hops
夢の涯てまでも Yume no Hate Made Mo Until the Edge of the Dream PERSONZ
Opening theme
GET THE WORLD Hironobu Kageyama
Ending themes
Grow Up Potential
Grow Up Potential
~Yume ni Mukatte~
Grow Up Potential
~Towards my Dream~
Tune-up Generation Maiko Matsumiya
We are the VICTORYS The VICTORYS (Haruna Ikezawa, Yuriko Fuchizaki, Chie Koujiro, Kumiko Watanabe, Urara Takano)
今夜はイブ! Konya wa Ibu! Tonight is the Eve! Let's Go BOYS & GIRLS (The VICTORYS, with Akiko Yajima, Chinami Nishimura, Ikue Ohtani)
Opening theme
BRAVE HEART Metal Brothers (Hironobu Kageyama & Masaaki Endoh)
Ending themes
My name is カーボーイ My name is Kā Bōi My name is Cowboy Hironobu Kageyama with KIDS MAX
僕らのFREEDOM Bokura no FREEDOM Our Freedom Yuka Sato
Opening theme
GET THE WORLD - Version XTO Hironobu Kageyama
「俺たち」のテーマ Oretachi no Tēma Our Theme Hironobu Kageyama with CoroCoro Kids

Other songs[edit]

  • "Get Up! V Magnum" (theme of Victory Magnum) by Hironobu Kageyama
  • "Kaze no Cornering" (theme of Vanguard Sonic) [Cornering of wind]
  • "BATTLE ACTION" (theme of Neo Tridagger ZMC)
  • "Inazuma wo Sase" (theme of Spin Cobra)
  • "Killed by Beak Spider" (theme of Beak Spider) by Masaaki Endoh
  • "Yume ijou Koi miman" [More than a Dream, Less than Love] by Sayuri Doumoto
  • "My Little War"" by Marina Ohgami
  • "Lady be BAD" by Jun Sagami
  • "I want FIRE" by Jo
  • "Bongo, Bongo Happy!" by Savanna Soldiers
  • "Theme of Ladies' Grand Prix" by Let's & Go Girls
  • "Get the World (From Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! WGP)" by Yoko Ishida

Voice cast[edit]

Let's & Go!![edit]


Indonesian airdate[edit]

From September 8, 2002 until September 11, 2005, Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! was broadcast on RCTI every Sunday at 6.30 AM before it was replaced by Chouseishin Gransazer, which shifted from 9.30 AM to 6.30 AM on Sunday. The opening song used Indonesian language while the ending song used original Japanese language.



  • Mini 4WD Shining Scorpion Let's & Go!! (1996, Super Famicom, ASCII Corporation)
  • Mini 4WD GB Let's & Go! (1997, Game Boy, ASCII Corporation)
  • Mini 4WD Super Factory (1997, Sega Saturn, Mediaquest)
  • Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! WGP Hyper Heat (1997, PlayStation, Jaleco)
  • Mini 4WD GB Let's & Go! All-Star Battle MAX (1998, Game Boy, ASCII Corporation)
  • Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! Eternal Wings (1998, PlayStation, Jaleco)
  • Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! POWER WGP2 (1998, Super Famicom, Nintendo)

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