Bakutotsu Kijūtei

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Bakutotsu Kijūtei
Arcade flyer of Bakutotsu Kijūtei
Arcade flyer of Bakutotsu Kijūtei
Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) Namco
Composer(s) Norio Nakagata
Takane Okubo
Platform(s) Arcade, Wii (Virtual Console)
Release date(s) Arcade
  • JP August 1988
Wii Virtual Console
  • JP October 13, 2009
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Up to 2 players, alternating turns
Cabinet Upright, cabaret, and cocktail
Arcade system Namco System 1
Display Horizontal orientation, Raster, 288 x 224 resolution

Bakutotsu Kijutei (爆突機銃艇 Bakutotsu Kijūtei?, lit. "Bomb Thrust Machine Gun Vessel"), or fully titled as Bakutotsu Kijutei - Baraduke II, is a scrolling shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1988 only in Japan. It is the sequel to Baraduke, which was released 3 years earlier.


In the beginning, it seemed that the Rose Duke Fortress, where the Octi family lurked, the activity of the first rescue corps disappeared several years ago; however, it was not so. The mission that was given at the end are things to annihilate: the brutal space life Octi family.


Like the previous game, the player controls a spaceman in a bio-suit fighting strange-looking Octy and saving the one-eyed Paccets except this time player 1 is Takky and player 2 is Hommy.

The Paccets that the player collects during each round are added to his score at the end of the round instead of being in the bonus round, which only happens before a boss round.

  • 1st Paccet: 100, 100 total
  • 2nd Paccet: 200, 300 total
  • 3rd Paccet: 500, 800 total
  • 4th Paccet: 1000, 1800 total
  • 5th Paccet: 2000, 3800 total
  • 6th Paccet: 4000, 7800 total
  • 7th Paccet: 7650, 15450 total

The player also gets 7650 for all Paccets after that. Note that the white ones don't count, only the yellow ones do.

If a Paccet is accidentally shot or killed by an enemy, he will explode and send his eyeball flying. If the player catches the eyeball he will get a single point.

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